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Trizzy Trey Gives Us” Tr3y The Truth The Third Round”

Emerging from the vibrant cityscape of Toronto, Ontario, Trizzy Trey, at 29, has already made considerable waves in music. His affinity for a blend of hip-hop, reggae, and R&B fuels his creative prowess, manifesting in dynamic, rhythmic, and unforgettable compositions. Stepping into the world of music as a young enthusiast, Trizzy Trey's evolution as an artist has been nothing short of remarkable. His fondness for music is evident in his artistry, and his ability to express himself through rap is extraordinary.

Trizzy Trey's discography boasts two mixtapes, the first of which was "Tr3y the Truth," hosted by DJ Pop Dukes and DJ Bad the Problem, followed by a deluxe edition hosted by DJ Trap A Holics. Both offerings showcase his unique flair and demonstrate his ability to carve out his distinct space in the industry. The mixtapes serve as the prelude to his latest release, "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round," a testament to his artistic growth and passion for pushing boundaries.

The offering of "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round" is a unique audio journal featuring a collection of songs that testify to TrizzyTrey's distinctive style. Each composition showcases Trizzy's unique rapping style, a rhythmical repetition of lines that becomes a mantra for the listener. His gritty and raw voice adds depth to the beats, masterfully sampled from classic, iconic songs, creating a blend of the familiar and the novel.

The album starts with "Lick the Rapper," a lyrical joyride that sets the tone for the entire album. Trizzy's comedic lyrics shine through in "Champagne Got Me," which balances humour with a hard-hitting beat. "Like What I See on TV" showcases his lyrical prowess, while "Kick Back Messi" and "Carolina Blue Kicks" build on the album's momentum with their engaging narrative and rhythmic consistency. "A Couple Hunnid," "Like LiL Baby," and "Man He Fresh" further elevate the auditory experience, blending humour, rhythm, and Trizzy's unique flow.

"No Cap I Am Me," "Money Bag Yo," and "RapSheet" round off the album, each showcasing TrizzyTrey's ability to weave engaging stories with his lyrics while maintaining the energy through his consistent flows and hard-hitting beats. The album, in its entirety, serves as a cohesive narrative that truly showcases Trizzy Trey's talent.

With "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round," Trizzy Trey has solidified his place in the game. His bold style, unique flow, and engaging lyrics make for an entertaining and memorable album. As we look forward to more from this dynamic artist, one thing is clear: TrizzyTrey is a force to be reckoned with, a truth echoed throughout this outstanding album.

Turn up with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Trizzy Trey! Congrats on the touchdown dropping your new album, "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round," which is an intriguing title. Could you share the significance of this title and how it encapsulates the overall theme of your album? Thanks for having me here at Buzz Music. & thanks for the congrats. The significance of the title Tr3y the Truth the third round is that It’s the third time I released a mixtape/ album called TR3Y THE THE TRUTH & the artwork's overall theme expresses the title TR3Y The Truth The Third Round because bullets are also known as rounds & on the album cover art there are three bullets, two bullet rounds are standing up & the third bullet round is laying down & says the third round on it to describe that it’s the third round for The TRIZZY TREY TR3Y THE TRUTH THE THIRD ROUND.

Considering your songs' unique repetition of lines, what inspired you to adopt this style for "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round?"

What inspired me to adopt this particular style for Tr3y the Truth the third round was my knowing that using other styles that had already been written or said, or in other words, samples of other artists in hip hop can get me lots of attention & fan base in the rap game today & it’s easier for listeners to understand & favourite my music.

Your album features several classic beat samples. How did you go about selecting these beats for "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round", and how do they contribute to the unique feel of your work?

I selected these classic beat samples for the album because the best of me beat sample to where jay z said Carolina blue kicks & I had just got a pair of Carolina blue Jordan 5’s kicks, so I made it a hot hook & a hot song. & The other classic beat I chose was the DMX beat Niggaz Done Started Something Ft. The Lox & Mase for the 11th song called rap sheet because the beat goes hard & the song is sick & Lil Wayne & Swizz beats just released a song on that instrumental called Kant nobody & so I went & used it & went well I loved the feel of it & the style & the classic beat samples contribute to the unique feel of my work because they fit my style of rap that I got perfectly.

As you look forward to the future, how do you envision the evolution of your musical style, and in what ways do you think the experience of creating "Tr3y the Truth the Third Round" will influence your upcoming projects?

As I look toward the future, I see my musical style set good as it is as I got my own style today in the rap game not unless I grow a huge listener fan base & earn clout in the rap game for my musical style to rise to do more with my musical style & the experience of creating Tr3y the truth the third round will influence my upcoming projects in ways such as gaining fan base because fans might be waiting for more Tr3y the truth rounds to come.


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