Trizzy Trey's Unique Style Will Captivate You in “Nosebleed”

Trizzy Trey recently released his latest single titled “Nosebleed” and the catchy hook with the melodic trap beat are the perfect ingredients to cultivate a hit song that will have the clubs hyped. Trizzy Trey has a unique rap voice that could be credited to his special accent. This was actually a personal favorite element for us due to the way it makes Trizzy Trey stand out from the crowd. “Nosebleed” had a consistent great energy that radiates onto the listener and keeps you pumped up and vibing along with the music. Trizzy Trey's Jamaican roots are showcased through the delivery of “Nosebleed” with his rhythmically driven cadence. “Nosebleed” is the kind of song that will come on your playlist and turn your mood immediately up. It’s not only catchy, but the metaphors have substance underneath.

Some of the witty punchlines can represent something much deeper to the listener who likes to examine the lyrical arrangements. Trizzy Trey is a rapper we don’t have in today’s market of music, but a rapper that we need! His unique style fused with his trendy ability to create quotable catchphrases and high-energy arrangements is enough to convince us that he’s one to be on the lookout for! “Nosebleed” was a well-cultivated single that will attract the youth with its outgoing and charismatic delivery.

Listen to “Nosebleed” by Trizzy Trey here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Trizzy Trey! Knowing you’re inspired by some of the hip-hop's greats, in what ways has these influences helped to shape your individual style today?

It's motivation to do a better job by listening & learning, & the way the influencés help shape my style by putting/ using their lyrics in my raps for an example is like jay z putting biggie smalls lyrics in his raps. The way how I put some of the hip hops greats lyrics in my raps to rhyme in my hooks. Like the nose bleed hook when I used verse by French Montana that fitted in perfectly to shape my individual style today.

Your single “Nosebleed” has catchy punchlines! What is the meaning behind these strong lyrics? What inspired you to write this?

The meaning behind the strong lyrics is simply just to go along with the hook about a nosebleed. I tried my best to go along & rhyme with the hook with every 4 bars of the 16 exactly. What inspired me to write this song was basically just making songs to finish my mixtape.

What was your vision with this single? Walk us through your process from start to finish.

My vision was to have each verse of the hook end with Nosebleed & to explain each verse of the hook in the song in the ( 16 bars).

In which ways has your past experience with freestyling contributed to your growth as a rapper today?

It contributed in many ways such as learning about hooks & sixteens & rhyming & putting Words together wich I never knew as kid freestyling.

What can we expect to see next from Trizzy Trey?

We can expect some video shoots off my mixtape Tr3y the truth BY: Trizzy Trey