Don Ivy Emerges With a Deeply Entrancing New Single Titled, "Linda McCartney Burgers"

Where words fail, music speaks. This is the ethos the Dublin-born, now L.A.-based songstress Don Ivy manifests in her latest musical endeavors. She finds strength and rejuvenation in her ability to take the vulnerable and mos fleshy sentiments we all harbor deep inside, and shoots them out in a compact and digestible pill we associate today as Dream-pop.

In Don Ivy's debut single, we saw the young budding artist emerged in a seductive acoustic production that transversed the spaces between Contemporary and Pop; buzzing about the love that zigzags amongst the black-holes of our internal emotions.

It was the first step in satisfying the implacable hunger she has for opening up the pandora's box inside her creative soul that suppresses her most meaningful and profound songwriting. 

This year, we continue in the exposé of her most enchanting sentiments, with "Linda McCartney Burgers,"—an ethereal dream-pop fantasia, with thoughtful introspection, and sometimes playful hymns that produce a sense of elation.

The production here is minimalistic and gives the space necessary for Don Ivy, and all her enamoring saturated presence, to establish a foothold over our pumping hearts. The Irish intoner takes on a hauntingly captivating silhouette and renders herself glowingly amongst the posture bracing percussion that intermingles and synergizes over atop an acoustic guitar that glides alongside her topline.

It's an introspective narrative that produces a swaying ballad-like predilection; as if we're taking part in meditation. When she buzzes and resounds over, "Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry," it feels like an ecstasy, and when she hums a playful "la da da" in the pre-chorus, we're wholly invested in the transformative sonic experience.

The accompanying video only magnifies the dream-pop venture as it highlights our chanteuse in a vintage textured coloration that cuts between perplexing and profound symbolism, adorning the sonic spectacle with an attached visual stimulation.

Her voice effects like a fresh draft that melts into the room, producing goosebumps as it evaporates, and disarming our guarded vulnerabilities while engorging us with relaxing vibrations that Don Ivy's, now surging, creative juices provide.

What's been the most fulfilling experience this year for you as an artist?

Perhaps I’m strange... But I swear the pandemic lockdown was like a divine intervention from the universe or something. It forced me to stop and go inwards. And in that stillness, I found so much music. Prior to the lockdown, I was always so distracted, running around everywhere.. my music was nowhere near as much of a priority as it should have been. Making music is now such an integral part of who I am because experiencing the lockdown made me realize how much I need it to survive. I’m so grateful for that.

How do you find the determination to inject your music with such profound storylines and magnetizing dream-pop instrumentations?

Primarily, I’m a storyteller... and a chronic dreamer! The music, I suppose, is a hybrid of that. I’ve always been a big fan of dream pop, I adore shoegaze guitar, dreamy synths, and cinematic strings. I also feel like as a genre, it particularly encourages vulnerability and honesty in the way you write. Nothing is off-topic.

What's an aspect of your creative nature that you think you'll always be aspiring to improve, and what fuels that drive for you?

I think that the best songwriters are able to experiment with different genres. I think finding a way to write in different styles, whilst still retaining your own authentic sound, is something I’m definitely aspiring for. I would love to think that one day I could be paid to write any style of music, and therefore have it as a much bigger part of life. I am also really excited to go back to acting school once everything is back up and running, I find the classes so much fun and a great way to stay creative!

What is next for you in the upcoming months? Can we anticipate another single reaching us this September, or maybe an Extended Play down the line?

I actually have two releases planned in September.. the first is a short folk song called Mercury - it’s really more like a poem singing, I wanted to have something as a taster in between my big releases, and to demonstrate my growing ability to write in different genres. At the end of September, I’ll be releasing On The Radio. I’m super excited about that. It’s been my big lockdown project, loosely based around world events. There will definitely be an EP next year, I am working on it!

What has been keeping you inspired this year?

Lockdown was such a great excuse to start using my spare time to pursue personal projects - investing in a MacBook really helped as I am now learning basic music production on GarageBand and creating my own visuals. My lockdown music inspiration has been Arlo Parks, Sasha Sloan, Beabadoobea, and Marina. I've had them on repeat! Also… the thought of just being able to just dance at festivals again one day in the future! I miss traveling and having fun.