Troy Zanger May Be Only “21”, But His Sound Completely Captivates

Troy Zanger is an up and coming, 21-year-old, artist from Forestburgh, New York. Before pursuing a solo career, Troy was part of a duo with his brother Hans called “The Last Romantics”. After being signed to Bentley Records in 2018, Troy began to write in a diverse variety of genres and ultimately decided to go solo. His debut EP “Reminiscence Is A Discipline” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. This project features 5 versatile tracks, showcasing Troy as a finely-calibrated new talent.

We checked out the EP “Reminiscence Is A Discipline” in entirety and an absolute standout and highlight to us is “21”. The track is an introspective song that seems extremely close to Troy’s heart. It explores Troy’s emotions and growth as a person and artist. The overall sentiments and organic nature of the song balance perfectly with one another. Listeners will find comfort in the accessible and well-relateable themes of engaging content. Troy pours his heart and soul into every corner of this song. He fuses fine musicianship with inspiring lyrics, all while delivering a spectacular vocal line. “21” is a deeply personal and vulnerable track, something we look forward to seeing more of from Troy Zanger!

Check out “21” here and read more with Troy below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Troy! It’s such a pleasure to feature your new song “21”. For our readers who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your sound and approach to songwriting? 

My sound truly encompasses many genres. I love writing about all kinds of music. As an artist, I really don't think you have to circumscribe yourself to a single writing style. I am all about originality. If you are not true to yourself, then you are most likely trying to write towards a person or a group of people. Of course, I want everybody to listen to my music, but it is more important to have my fans hear the honesty and humility in my songs.

We’re swooning over the beauty of “21”, it’s very personal. What emotions were you feeling in order to create this song? How you have persevered through those emotions and challenges?

Thank you for appreciating the beauty of this track. "21" is a song of reconciliation. I am pointing out a situation in my life that is rather disappointing, and I'm accepting that it is never going to change, nor do I want it to at this point. This song is about a couple of people in my life who have chosen to never love me because of the pain they carry. In a way, whether I see it or not, it has affected me. "You see I've reconciled. I'm a wild child. 21." I'm old enough now to know that some things just never change, and there is no point in dwelling on falsehood and insecurity. On that note, I didn't want to end the track in its main acoustic theme. I wanted a wide-open, theatrical sort of outro. The beat drops, the strings pick up, a small guitar solo. I am in love with this tune.

At only 21 years old you’ve really established your sound and vibe as an artist. How do you feed your passion for music every day? What continues to inspire you?

I have been around music my whole life. My fascination with bands of many eras has bent me every way possible. My vibe as an artist has not reached its full potential. There is something inside of me that is begging to be alive. Imagination is a beautiful thing. I often pretend I'm performing at some crazy concert when I listen to some songs from a bunch of bands. The idea that I could do something like that keeps me hard-working on a regular basis. Reminding myself that to have confidence in my music is very important. I used to think that people weren't listening to my music because I just simply suck. The more you take a look around, you start to realize that originality is lost in modernity. I am not lost, I do not suck. Perhaps, I am just not a typical consumer. Perhaps, people just want to hear a hard beat. I try to self inspire as much as I can.

What are some of your ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

I used to think being signed by a record label was the goal. When I signed to Bentley Records, I was like "f**k yeah." Nothing has changed though. They sign a bunch of people like me to grab money. That's where they lost me. Because no one is like me. That artist distribution deal was just a clever way to make thousands of artists with a touch of potential feel relevant. It's smart, but I am better than that, and I know that. It's funny too because I used to basically just get off on record label shit. I think I got rejected by Dirty Hit in 2017 when I was writing music with my brother. That's the only time I had butterflies receiving a rejection email! Still turns me on sometimes. I released my EP through my made-up label name "ZangerBanger Records." All I focus on now is getting my music out there and playing shows when I can. I got so tired of the whole "please accept me and my music" stuff. I am definitely more confident now than I ever was.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this song release? Any shows in the near future?!

Thanks for having me! I have a really groovy track in the works that I am hoping to have released by November. Also, I have been working on Spoken By A True Poet -EP ever since I began working on Reminiscence Is a Discipline. Many of the songs I had written were being swapped back and forth between the two before I finally settled on the tracks for Rem Is A Dis EP. Right now I am in school finishing my neuroscience degree, so I can fit a show or two back home on my breaks...that's what 'll try and do!


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