TruckerBomb Unleashes Their Creativity In, "Cannibal"

Today we're bringing you an old-school treat with TruckerBomb and their latest musical offering. As a collective band, TruckerBomb is all about bringing a familiar sound back with a real, authentic feel. They worked phenomenally together to generate the very sounds that bring listeners back to impactful times in music.

TruckerBomb has successfully debuted their single, titled "Cannibal." Now, if you're already curious about the narrative of the song, you have every right to be. The storyline naturally progresses with hints of comedic relief that allow an intriguing and compelling element to surface.

Instrumentally, riveting guitar riffs are integrated right from the jump, which brings a much-needed rush to listening minds. Soon enough, deep and articulated vocals are blended into a more calming, transient melody that is soon pierced again by a distinguishable guitar presence.

Like we said before, TruckerBomb is bringing back an old, reminiscent sound that many today can still appreciate in its totality. TruckerBomb does a phenomenal job with crafting the ambiance of the song, ensuring that the vocals blend smoothly into the stirring production. All in all, with the surprising narrative and stimulating production, how can "Cannibal" not be a success?!

"Cannibal" is now available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic TruckerBomb. How does it feel to have your single "Cannibal" officially debut to your audience?

It feels great. This song was kicking around for some time and I'm really happy we finally got it recorded and released. I like that we can show our audience another side of the band. Can you elaborate more on what the creative process was like for the band? How long did the process take? Well ... Either 20 years or two months, depending on how you look at it. It's a song I wrote a long time ago and somehow was always "up next" but never got recorded. We went through some pretty extensive re-arranging in recent months. Dave Rodway (drums) and I had played it before, but not this arrangement. All the changes were done virtually, with Salty Rose playing it for the first time in the studio when we recorded it. That session was the first time I met Salty in real life. Dave did his tracks earlier in the day, so those two didn't meet until our first rehearsal with Ursula Lari, which was a while later. Let's dive deeper into the narrative of the song, as it was quite a particular one! What inspired the focus that "Cannibal" possesses? I try to set aside time to write, but I'm often unsuccessful. Life gets in the way, as it does for everyone. There's that day job thing for us people who enjoy paying rent and eating regularly. So, I had a day off during the week. This was it — writing day. I think I had a cup of coffee and sat down to get started and ... nothing. I had no idea what to write about at all. A saying in songwriting classes is sometimes "write what you know" or "write whatever you see around you." I thought there wasn't anything around me right then except my stupid neighbor. He liked to leave his trash outside in the hallway we all used rather than taking it down to the dumpster. He must have eaten a lot of fish or something. It always smelled really bad. Anyway, I took the idea and created the most fantastic story I could imagine as to why my neighbor's trash smelled so bad. Since then, I've given up on "writing day." Writing day is 24 hours a day, whenever I have five minutes or in the middle of the night when a line comes to me. I have about a million voice memos, saved email drafts with lyric ideas, and scraps of paper with rhymes that I found interesting. It's a mess but I never have a day without being able to write anymore. Lyrically, does TruckerBomb see future music adhering to similar, comedic narratives presented in "Cannibal?"

I see TruckerBomb as the ideal party guest, invited into your home and starting up a fascinating conversation with each individual. So, maybe we'll joke around with one person, talk more seriously with another, get into an argument about politics with someone else, and just remark on today's color of the sky is with someone else. So, no plan to funnel material to Weird Al anytime soon. I write about whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment. If it happens to be amusing, that's what it'll be. I like to make up stories in my head. Maybe it's from growing up as an only child and needing to keep myself entertained. Personally, I'm the worst party guest ever. I never talk to anyone and I want to leave as soon as I arrive. I do listen a lot. That's how I can create my imaginary characters who narrate the songs or are the party guests I can't be. Do you have any upcoming shows in the near future?

Always. We play at least once a month. Bookers aren't putting bills together as far in advance as they were pre-Covid, so they come pretty quick sometimes. We list our live shows on our website and social accounts as soon as we have them. One exception is for Halloween. We're currently putting a special set together for Oct. 29 at Universal Bar and Grill.