True Pax Tells a Story in His New Single, “Lost Connections” Featuring Jayda Nikole

With inspirations like J.Cole, G Herbo, Lil Wayne, and more, we couldn’t help but expect “Lost Connections”, by True Pax, to really move us. True Pax is an authentic artist who creates stories through lyricism. His single, “Lost Connections” has relaxed lo-fi elements in the production. They are fused with a subdued atmosphere that is reminiscent of a calming J.Cole type beat. The delivery in “Lost Connections” is genuine, with a realistic story approach in the lyrics. We love the vocal arrangement in the hook because of the neo-soul aesthetic. True Pax expresses substance and empathy through his lyrics; he is true to his emotional convictions.

“Lost Connections” is a well-rounded vibe that can fit into the plethora of poetic rappers. True Pax focuses more on the truth behind his music instead of the headbanging hype songs that we believe are the center focus of hip-hop. True Pax is cultivating a legitimate sound that will leave music fans more aware of not only their feelings but their perception of Western society.  True Pax’s intends to provide hope and promise to his peers. He wants people from urban and rural areas to relate to his music and the raw messages he delivers.

You can listen to “Lost Connections” by True Pax featuring Jayda Nikole here.