Truly Jamez Expresses His Life Story in Recent Release, "Reminder"

Hailing from El Paso, Texas, is artist Truly Jamez. Putting out his music as a means of release, as well as attempting to inspire listeners with his projected wisdom, Truly Jamez is all about expressing his true self and experiences to his audience.

Often packing in real and raw realities of his life, listeners can expect the music of Truly Jamez to be as authentic as one could possibly make it, and his latest single release extremely goes towards representing this.

Truly Jamez's latest release, "Reminder," serves a great purpose regarding introspection and reasoning. "Reminder" talks on pivotal themes, and Truly Jamez doesn't miss the opportunity to share his most intimate emotions with listeners.

"Reminder" is sonically infused with a simplistic beat, keeping the productional style of the track balanced so that the focus can majorly be on the lyricism of Truly Jamez. The track begins with the narrative of early life and the easygoing elements that come along with childhood. Eventually, "Reminder" delves into the harsher elements of self-realization and self-expression, ultimately painting a bleak picture of such realities.

Truly Jamez finishes the track on a positive note, relating back to the present time and how such milestones allowed him to reach the point he's at in his life now. If you're in for an emotionally-driven true story, "Reminder" is most definitely the track to source out, as Truly Jamez doesn't front when it comes to sharing his personal life story.

Did you find it at all trivial to write and record "Reminder" considering the emotional elements tied to the track? Were there any obstacles that surfaced whilst creating this track?

Since most, if not all, the lyrics I write are my personal emotions, there was a bit of a challenge when converting my raw emotions and feelings into a song. It’s hard for some people to open up. This music is how I do that and express myself. Putting deep and meaningful thoughts of mine into a song meant me being able to clear my mind. At times I had to pause and reflect on the lyrics I was writing. Sadness, denial, depression, hope, love, hate. It all went into writing Reminder.

What kind of effect were you hoping "Reminder" would project onto listeners?

Writing “Reminder” was my way of telling people to hold on. To keep fighting through whatever they are going through. I wanted to let people know that they aren’t alone in their troubles. I’ve been there. The ups, downs, and all in-between, I’ve been through it all, just like them (the listener). There’s always sunshine after rain, and if I can help someone realize that things do in fact get better, then that’s a win for me.

How would you describe your ambitions as an artist, and ultimately how they tied into the release of "Reminder?”

One of my top motivations is to connect with people through music. I strive to make a real connection with the listener. “Just know you’re not alone, in my heart you got home. We are all a family all United by the sound of music.” A line from my single “On My Way” pretty much sums up my meaning to create music.

As an artist who strives for a personal connection with his listeners, how were you hoping "Reminder" would allow you to connect with listeners in a disparate way from previous releases of yours?

My previous releases have been all about me. My emotions, thoughts, feelings. I’ve displayed my true self on these songs and in a way have made myself vulnerable to the listeners by putting myself out there with raw emotion. With “Reminder”, I let the listeners know that I’m still going through hardship and fighting my own demons. But while doing that, I remind them that I’m still pushing on and trying to rid said demons. I remind them to never give up. There’s always a way out.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

I find inspiration in one of the most simple places. My mind. I take negative thoughts and memories and transform them into something that not only benefits me but others. Family and friends are also a key source of support for me. I couldn’t do what I do without them always reminding me to keep fighting towards my dream. A person I’d like to point out, in particular, is my very good friend Brandon. He’s not my blood, but he’s my brother. He is just as dedicated to my music as I am, if not more. I couldn’t thank him enough. The future is bright. I intend to keep releasing music that inspires me and others to keep the positive flowing. Although the lyrics to my music are dark, the future of my music career is bright, and barely starting to blossom. Music is always being worked on. Merch lines are being planned out along with my just starting brand “TrueVZN”.