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TRULY NXSH Reflects on the Past and Present With His Debut Single, "On My Way"

From Swaziland to Toronto, the Hip-Hop artist, producer, and singer-songwriter TRULY NXSH introduces us to his diverse stylings with the release of his reflective debut single, "On My Way."

After familiarizing himself with the ins and outs of music production at the age of fifteen, TRULY NXSH later moved to Toronto, where he began expanding and honing his craft. Garnering the attention of producers like Illmind, Mannie Fresh, and Just Blaze through the Battle of the Beatmakers competition, TRULY NXSH is now settling with his label's authentic sound SEE THINGS VIVID, accompanied by Lost Kid Gambit and TEJ.

Expanding on his debut single, "On My Way," TRULY NXSH tells an in-depth story of his past, present and forecasting his future through the accumulating success of his music. It was produced by OK! Taylor, the two come together on this relentless debut to offer a sound lyrical message alongside the wavy and contemporary Hip-Hop production.

"On My Way" begins with a haunting piano melody accompanied by wavy background synths and TRULY NXSH's intriguing vocal tones. Once the beat drops with its natural vibrance and mysterious undertones, TRULY NXSH comes forward to offer his melodic and rhythmic bars surrounding the changes he's made to reach the success he's attained.

Pushing through this single with intense heat through TRULY NXSH's authentic and unique performance, we can't help but feel a similar sonic atmosphere to that of 88Glam, soaking our speakers with eerie and haunting tones that keep us locked into each magnetic element. We adore the poised performance by TRULY NXSH within this debut, as he brings listeners into his sweltering sound that's equally as gripping as it is memorable.

Be sure to check out TRULY NXSH's debut single "On My Way" as he gears up for a forthcoming EP and a full-length self-produced project later in 2021.

Why did you choose the single "On My Way" to introduce listeners to your music? How can we get to know you better through this piece?

We recorded ‘’On My Way’’ in between classes around September 2019. A few months into 2020 we found an engineer who would handle all of the Mixing and mastering. On My Way was one of the first 3 we sent in, and I was thrilled with the results. Hearing a song of mine in its full form after so many years of creating was inspiring so it felt like the right move to make. The song is reflective and also touches on what’s currently going on, as well as what I hope for the future now that I am in the rap game. It’s a difficult task trying to figure out how to introduce yourself to the world, especially when there are so many other songs that I have in the vault with a range of different vibes/moods. But I’m glad this decision was made. I feel like the subject matter of the song, as well as my delivery and approach makes ‘’On My Way” easy for others to sing along to and relate to, as it’s a story for anyone with dreams and inspirations.

What inspired you to write about such personal themes of your past, present, and future for your debut single, "On My Way?"

Whenever I make a song I hold myself accountable for everything I say and put out into the world. Everything has already been saying before, so it’s about telling stories in a unique and personal way that is true to you. I didn’t write On My Way with the intention of it being my debut single but the concept of the song ties in with the idea of a new beginning or the idea that ‘’something is coming’’. It’s kind of an anthem for underdogs, which I hope inspires people to go after what they want.

Could you take us through your collaboration with the producer OK! Taylor for your single "On My Way"? Did you work together on the production for this track?

OK! Taylor and I actually met at the Battle Of The Beatmakers in 2018. It’s held annually in Toronto and it’s the biggest competition of its kind in the world. The two of us both competed in the show and I ended up making it to the top 32 producers. We exchanged information, but It wasn’t until mid-2019 that we actually got into the studio together and began working. One day I asked Taylor to send me a few beats and I received them while in class. That day on my way home I listened to a beat of his called ‘’Chopin’’ and I knew this was the one and immediately asked him to hold it down for me. Later that week, Singer, producer and engineer Andrea Bardine helped me record the song and he also did some background vocals to help fill in the spaces. OK! Taylor and I have collaborated on countless beats and we also have a number of songs that we’ve recorded together which you can expect to start dropping soon.

What should we expect from your forthcoming EP? Do you plan on delivering any particular concepts or themes within this project?

Since I’m still a new artist I’m in a situation where I am kind of curating my releases almost like a playlist, with songs being added/released one at a time. I like to create a number of different vibes but I think for the first EP I will explore more of my singing side. I plan to show people my versatility as an artist. I have a number of really good producers in my corner that I am lucky to call my friends, such as Darion, G1, JXSH, LOST KID GAMBIT just to name a few. So you can expect a wide range of producers and vibes on this project. My next single can be expected to drop in February but it may not necessarily be off my forthcoming EP.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I want people to know that I’m someone who is a big lover of art. Before I ever made my first song I was a major music head and I looked up to many artists from a young age not ever knowing I would one day be creating music myself. I take music seriously and I care about making quality music people can listen to and enjoy more than anything. I set high standards for myself when it comes to the music I release. I try to never overthink things or strive for perfection, I just work till the song feels right and that’s when I know it’s time to send the record off for mixing and mastering. After the mix and master sound right it’s all about strategizing the release and sharing it with the world.



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