"Trust" Us When We Say Elevated EC Latest Hit Is Pure Fire

Elevated EC is a Delaware native whose family evaded a civil war in Liberia and was born and partly raised in New Jersey. Elevated EC brings a trendy, versatile and unique sound sure to catch and please your ear. With being frequently compared to some of the top names in the industry, Elevated EC is generating a huge buzz and is the most anticipated artist to blow up from Delaware.

Elevated EC drops the single titled “Trust” and he’s showing us exactly why he’s the newest rapper ready to cause waves in the industry. His refined sound shows us complexity in detail while he arranged together a lyrical element to “Trust” that represents an authentic nature in his artistry. The lyrics were highly relatable to many people, which will essentially fabricate a mainstream audience to the song. People love lyrics in which they can connect with, relate, and sing out loud until they can’t anymore. “Who can I trust?” is the main lyric to the hook, sung in a nice infectious melody you can’t quite get enough of. Not only was the contagious melody addictive, but the arrangement of both verses also had something to deliver to the dimension of the record. Elevated EC promotes the idea of elevation and the way he lifts his listener in “Trust” is a sign of a true promising star!

Listen to "Trust" here and get to know more about Elevated EC below!