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Try to Stay Afloat with Sarah Keyser's Energetic, "Sink or Swim"

Sarah Keyser has been playing guitar for nine years, singing for eleven, and songwriting for twelve. In May 2019, Sarah Keyser graduated from the songwriting program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Her vast knowledge of different genres and music theory allows her to write in a wide array of styles. She currently lives in Los Angeles releasing music under her own name as a pop/rock artist, freelancing as a songwriter, and playing in the duo, brvthrs.

The latest stylings of Sarah Keyser’s prevailing energy get routed into her latest single, “Sink or Swim.” A colossal dynamic is portrayed in the vivid creation of this single that reigns on both the elements of modern pop and reminiscent 2000’s rock. Upon the first moments of listening, we’re immediately captivated by the thunderous drum hits exploding into the rhythmic essence of “Sink or Swim.”

Our anticipation gets heightened as we’re curious to tour the various routes of this record as Sarah Keyser utilizes her artistic versatility in a way that keeps us on our toes. Hearing the passion doused in lyrical dexterity as the proper use of time and spatial components enhance the composition, all the elements tie together in the grand chorus that tumultuously sweeps you off your feet. Familiarizing us with the opulent riffs heard we hear the boisterous vocalization of Sarah Keyser reflect a place of freedom and unapologetic hues. She effortlessly embodies a melismatic approach that has us appreciating the bellows she roars and the euphonious bliss that triumphantly remains a showstopper.

Sarah Keyser delivers a seamless combination of musically amplified instrumentation and striking vocals that do not disappoint. Colliding in a universe that drips heavy-hitting energy, Sarah Keyser has us eager to learn every word so we can rejoice in her irrefutable techniques.

“Sink or Swim,” has embodied your musical skills in a major way. We are loving this track. Could you please take us into what inspired the creation of this song? In your own words, what does it mean to you?

I wrote "Sink or Swim" about half a year ago while I was getting carried away playing guitar at work. I ended up forming a guitar riff I liked and then I decided to do some vocal improv over it. From there I pared down the lyrics and melody a couple of times and finally came to what "Sink or Swim" is today. The song is inspired by 2008 pop/rock as well as the first single I released as a solo artist called "Lost at Sea". I think it's important to be honest and candid, which is why I try to bring that into my songwriting.

What did the creative process of “Sink or Swim” entail when bringing it to life? Did you find it fairly easy to tap into this headspace so you could portray your narrative in a way true to you?

The creative process involved me sharing the song with my close friend, Sasha Stern, who then introduced me to a very talented producer named Dan Knittel. The three of us, along with the recording engineer, Amanda Marsh, made the song into what it is now. We came up with an arrangement that we were all happy with and then fine-tuned it into the pop/rock song it is today. It was a very fun process, but it took a fair amount of back and forth. At first, I found it a little challenging to balance my voice as an artist with creating a piece of music that would work well on playlists, but I think everyone involved really made the song come to life in the way that we all imagined it could be.

Were there any memorable moments from the release process that have made this single more rewarding to put out? How does “Sink or Swim” compare to other songs in your music catalog?

I have a deep connection with this particular song, which makes the entire creation and marketing process that much more exciting. Recording the vocals with Amanda and Sasha was one of the most memorable parts of working on the song. I love the energy that they both have and how they push me to try new things vocally and otherwise. Another great moment was when I got to record the behind the production video with Dan, which I will be releasing soon on YouTube. It was really cool to see the way he built the session in Pro Tools and how his process works when it comes to working with artists. "Sink or Swim" is similar in message to my other songs, but has a different vibe when it comes to its production style. I really tried to push my music to a new level by involving more people in the process.

With each artist conveying a certain message or series of feelings to their fan base through the music they create, what is the essence that you hope to deliver to yours?

I want to convey the message that it's okay to ask for help and to be open to talking about the difficult issues surrounding mental health. So often I think conversations about mental health and well-being are pushed under the rug and as an artist, I really want to shine a light in those darker corners. This song is supposed to be an outcry in regards to my own personal struggles including anxiety and depression. I just hope that when people listen to the song they feel a little less alone because at the end of the day that's all we want as human beings.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Up next this year, I'm going to release new music in a duo called "brvthrs." with my good friend, Sasha Stern (aka Twin Sis), continue to songwriting with local artists, and grow my fanbase in general. I am also releasing a "Sink or Swim" music video and some other behind-the-scenes footage, so keep an eye out for that. I'm very excited to see what 2021 will bring. Feel free to go and listen to "Sink or Swim" if you haven't already!



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