"Tug Of War” By The Mos Capri Experiment Combines Heavy Subject Matter And Blissful Soundscapes”

Hailing from Scotland’s capital, The Mos Capri Experiment’s debut single “Tug Of War” was produced by British Ivor Novello Award two-time winner and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Sacha Skarbek (Miley Cyrus / James Blunt). Throughout “Tug Of War”, Mos’ voice meanders uniquely, switching from spacious and short lines to a quicker pace that’s equally gentle in delivery as the song’s structure makes itself known. That classic vibe stands tall, giving the song something of a vintage, slept-on feel that lights up memories of a simpler time. In the same instance, the vocals are categorically something of their own. “Tug Of War” focuses on the ongoing struggle some people have with mental illness. The lyrics and sentiments throughout the track are about getting lost in a self-destructive state, allowing fear of the unknown to take hold rather than dealing with problems head-on. The Mos Capri Experiment can relate to this life struggle extremely well and has crafted a track that will likely be accessible by the masses. The Mos Capri Experiment has a sound that is undeniably hers, and the way she floats through the stages of the track, with softness yet intention, is beautifully captivating; and genuinely refreshing amidst today’s musical landscape. Absolutely an artist worth knowing about!

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