Tune in to Troy Zanger's New Single “How Do We Let Go”

21-year-old artist Troy Zanger, from Forestburgh, New York released his successful debut EP “Reminiscence Is A Discipline” on August 23, 2019. The banger EP displayed his apparent versatility and talent here with a total of five amazing tracks. Troy Zanger continues to light it up with his new single “How Do We Let It Go”. Previous to this, Zanger was in a band called “The Last Romantics” which included himself and his brother Hans. Building on his success at Bentley Records, Zanger decided to make the courageous and bold move of going solo. Being the faithful brother he is, Hans not only encouraged Troy to go out on his own but also helped produce the track “Manic (feat. Kid Picasso)”. 

"How Do We Let it Go" portrays deep chill vibes with an echoic vocal sound. Zanger sings with his heart and soul, lyrics that you can get behind. A single which could easily be played in the summer or cruising on a nice road trip with the windows down. "How Do We Let it Go" is very likable and enjoyable. Zanger explores themes of struggle which is apparent in the lyrics “How do you sleep, I can't seem to let it go”, ending the song with a more dramatic variation of the same phrase. Continue to enjoy more of Zanger and listen to his song here.