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Tune Into the Next “EPISODE” of ROS’s Impressive Musical Journey

Atlanta-based DJ-turned-recording artist and label owner ROS is turning heads with his newest and lead single from his upcoming album of the same name, EPISODE.

With a debut single, "Let It Snow," in 2020, followed by the sophomore "Too Late" featuring Aura Jade in 2021, ROS took a hiatus to reset personally and creatively. That reset led him to release his new single "EPISODE" under his own boutique label, Def Alien Recordings.

With his new label, upcoming album, and new single, ROS is entering a new chapter in his 30-year career. He has a deep desire to challenge himself and achieve authentic engagement in the music industry, and "EPISODE" perfectly puts that mission into motion.

The new single kicks off with a heavily groovy and alluring hip-hop beat, echoing the nostalgic sound and style of greats like LL Cool J. From the get-go, there's no holding ROS back. His flow is killer, and his ability to paint such vivid pictures through his lyrics is wildly impressive. If anything, it shows exactly what 30 years in the music industry does for someone.

There's no denying that ROS has talent, but perhaps what's even more impressive is his grit, consistency, and ability to rebrand himself as a performer for the modern day. "EPISODE" is a prime example of that while also showcasing ROS's insane vocal delivery that makes us weak in the knees. It's powerful, attention-commanding, and packs all the good vibes we could ask for.

Tune into the next "EPISODE" of ROS's journey with his latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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