Turn It Up! “Garden W/No Water” By Jame Doe Is the Song You Need on Your Playlist Right Now

Get ready for the transcending vocals of Jame Doe. An upcoming, electro-pop vocalist originally from Portland. Jame's music focuses on themes of; boys, getting older and feeling lost in the big blue sea. His lyricism will have you spiraling into a transcendent realm, with calm and peaceful tunes. Doe has the unique ability to hook listeners from the very beginning with cool and captivating vocals. He draws his inspiration from artists including; Years and Years, Elton John, Adele, and Fleetwood Mac as well as avant-garde fashion, plants, and the LGBTQ community. 

Previously known for his other originals of “Done Said Boo” and “Garden W/No Water”, Jame Doe is a staple to the changing and evolving music industry and we're all for it!

“Garden W/NO Water” by Jame Doe is stereotype defining. The song has a very smooth beginning that gets your head bopping. It's easy on the ears in the most elegant of ways. Not many artists can execute such a graceful vocal range. I especially love the multitude of textured sounds throughout the song. The water sound effects add a subtle and satisfying addition to the track, both incorporating creativity and brings a nice tie to the title and chorus. By mid-song, you'll be up on your feet dancing all over the room!

What is Jame Doe expressing with his lyrics, “High and dry. I'm like a garden with no water”. The mystery and meaning behind his words compel me to play this track on repeat and figure it out! “Garden W/NO Water” is definitely the song you need on your daily feel-good playlist.

Listen to “Garden W/NO Water” here.

Hi Jake and welcome to BuzzMusic. Jame Doe is a catchy stage name! What is the inspiration behind this name?

I'm sure you remember the missing people on the milk carton campaign from the 1990s. It was a really instrumental campaign though it actually didn't return any missing people, and it, in fact, freaked out a lot of kids. I want my music to feel like anyone can relate, and that it can be for anyone. Jame Doe is a twist on the iconic missing person's name and is a nod to anyone that's felt lost. 

Dying to know, what are you referring to in the lyrics, “I’m dry like a garden without water”?

This song is about my old piano player who left our band in the middle of the night, moved to Georgia and never heard from her again. We were so close and wrote so many of my favorite songs together. When she left, I felt like a garden with no water. Like I had all of these beautiful ideas in my head that would never grow because I didn't have a piano player to write with. That clearly wasn't true and I grew so much from her leaving, but at the moment I seriously felt like I'd crumble. 

Can you tell us what got you into singing and songwriting as a profession?                                 I've always wanted to perform, and I always have. Whether it was in my parent's house singing Spice Girls to my family or in musicals, being on stage is always when I feel most confident. I'm constantly chasing that confidence, and the way I get there is through my voice. I love feeling what my body can do and what runs I can hit. It's always been the only choice that will make me happy. A lot of fans don't know this, but I actually have a degree in Biotechnology from Brown, and never for a moment thought I wouldn't end up singing. 

You do a beautiful job of combining electro and pop music. Do you see yourself incorporating any other genres in your future productions?

I've actually been swaying heavily into a more sultry sound lately. I think that feels more genuine to me, and I love electro-pop and want to stay in the pop genre, but I'd like to fade away from the electro portion of it a bit. I depend a lot on electronics and my voice lends itself to being more successful with more real instrumentation. I also love runs and riffs and it feels a bit mismatched in pure pop. I like bedroom pop, but I don't dig, and I don't do lazy mumble vocals. 

Thanks for chatting with us! With two awesome singles out, do you have any plans to release an album and if so when can we expect to hear it? 

Always working on new music, no concrete plans for an album just yet. My heart lies in performing and being on stage, I'm not in love with recording quite yet. Still searching for that song that'll put us on the map. I don't know what story my album would tell yet, so I'm really happy with singles for right now! Working on making the Jame Doe story a bit more cohesive!