Turn Off Your "Cruise Control," With Mischa's Stimulating Single

The Ottawa-based hip-hop artist, rapper, and singer-songwriter Mischa kicks off 2021 with her latest empowering and fierce single entitled "Cruise Control."

Planning to release various singles throughout the year, Mischa holds each gem to a specific standard and never releases anything that isn't up to par with her previous hits. "I truly hope that my listeners can catch the confidence, emotion, and care that has gone into each product I have chosen to release in 2021, especially Cruise Control," states Mischa.

Recorded at Raven Street Studios in Ottawa by audio engineer Geoff McNeely and production by Jonny Brown, Mischa's latest single, "Cruise Control," exudes nothing but power and vitality. Through Mischa's tight and rhythmic vocal delivery and intriguing bars, she punches through this single and exclaims her distaste for negativity and those who attempt to bring her down.

Getting into "Cruise Control," the track opens with an eerie and distant piano melody that later drops into a crisp hip-hop beat through tight drum breaks and a pulsating bassline. As Mischa begins rapping with incredible energy and passion, she begins enlightening us on her experiences with negative energies and moving forward from those who keep her stagnant.