Turn up the Mood Lighting in Tayah's Latest Single “Never Left"

The West London based R&B artist Tayah Julien fuses in the smooth vibes from classic R&B with deep, heaving sounding hip-hop grooves, the exciting nature of Trap, and the silkiness of soul to create magical experiences that you’ll be able to fall in love with any time. After releasing her debut single “Vibe” which gained over 12000 views, Tayah is back with a brand new single “Never Left” and we cannot get enough of the vibe that she creates.

“Never Left” quickly pulls us in with some snazzy chords that then leads to an incredibly chill movement where Tayah’s ever so sweet voice beautifully speaks to our soul and brings us to an inner happiness. Then after hitting us in the chest with heavy 808 kick drums and edgy dynamic high-hats, Tayah transports us to a colorful world where she tells us the story about a couple coming back, this antitypical love story quickly intrigues us to want to listen in closer to every single lyric. From the silky vocals to the heavy percussion, to the clever songwriting, “Never Left” is a tune that we will be adding to our personal vibe out playlists and think that you should too.

Listen to “Never Left” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tayah! We are loving those ever so sweet vibes that you created in “Never Left”, what would some of your favorite R&B and hip-hop artists be that inspired you to go in this artistic direction? What about them makes them an influence for you?

Since young I’ve always had a ranged music library, from all eras and genres. In terms of this style, I’d highlight artists like Amerie. I still listen to her, I love how she makes productions sit in HER melodic pocket and her background harmonies are fire.

The silky nature of your vocal performance perfectly suits every one of the lyrics, what was it like to come up with the story behind this song? What kind of personal connection do you have with the lyrics?

This song relates to feelings of reminiscing. during the last couple of years I’ve realized how fast speed was all going in very different directions and how that can affect relationships with each other. what’s important and meant to be will find its way back to that. 

We’re loving this R&B trap hybrid that you created, what was the whole production process like for the background beat? Did you start off with those snazzy chords or the heavy drum rhythms?

Thank you. the chords for this one naturally came first along with the basic melodies. the producer of this track is heavy with the keys so once we collaborated, he was able to add more passion into the track. 

Ever since your first single “Vibe”, what are some of the things you feel you have grown on as an artist? Are there any future goals that you would like to achieve with future releases? What else can we expect from you in 2020?

definitely in terms of handling the business. I’ve learned so much from tech to building EPKs, content building to even graphics. I love what has been possible to do independently. it’s a freeing feeling. but the day that comes for that to be handled and I can sit in solely creative mode for long periods of time, I’ll welcome it for sure. 

In terms of future growth, my desire has always been centered around impact and genuine connection. Whether that be with listeners, other musicians, or other creatives in other industries. By continuing to do my thing, I’m allowing myself to cross paths with the above at the right timing with the right purpose. In 2020 I’m most looking forward to sharing more of myself. 


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