Turn Up the Volume And Rock Out To Evol Walks Latest Hit, “Gun & A Crucifix”

Giving classic rock n roll a modern-day facelift, the unapologetic essence of Evol Walks comes to us in an energetic and enigmatic package.

With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer, and a predilection for time-honored rock ‘n’ roll, Evol Walks was initially formed in Los Angeles, California, in 2014 by flame-haired, Australian-born Leah Martin-Brown. With strength in their core and a desire to put in hard work and dedication, the work ethic and unapologetic essence of Evol Walks has aided their rapidly growing fan base and attention garnering presence.

Immediately pulling us into the high octane vigor that Evol Walks performs with, their latest single, “Gun & a Crucifix,” has us absorbed in the face-melting guitar riffs that chug away to commence this song. Engaging us with colossal percussion hits and a tight-knit tempo, the myriad of hues that we pick up from this piece is otherworldly.

Leah-Martin Brown ignites the flame within us as she professes smoldering croons that smoothly cascade over this mid-tempo record. With layers of distortion that visit certain inflictions throughout her lyrical motifs, we get a psychedelic feel that eats us alive. Evol Walks creates an amplified soundscape that captures numerous elements in the core of rock n roll. We admire the sustaining notes, infectious grooves – thanks to the rhythm section, and of course, the head-banging guitar solo that grips you in its entrancing hold.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a female-fronted rock band, and Evol Walks brings a refreshing dynamic to the industry with the poetic essence of Leah-Martin Brown’s intoxicating timbres. Powerful enough to rule the underground but persuasive enough to make it mainstream, Evol Walks caters to that voice inside our head waiting to be unleashed for the greater good.

"Gun & a Crucifix" is the latest track that sends us into a high voltage frenzy, and we have to say we love it! With such abstract lyrics that hint at imaginative storytelling, what moment or story inspired the songs?

"Gun & a Crucifix" is quite a special track for us. It was written in 2015 with Australian Producer Stuart Stuart, and we never recorded it- just played live. When I headed over to Stockholm, Sweden, in late 2020 to work on the new Evol Walks album, I just knew I had to show the tune to Swedish Producer Chris Wetterstrom to see what magic he could bring to the table. The track explores the energy of light and dark and how enigmatic the darkness can be despite the danger it may bring.

What have you noticed from your 2020 releases about the difference in your creative process or growth as a band?

The pandemic gave me a lot of time to explore different types of storytelling and ways to express myself lyrically. It also allowed me to explore different parts of my vocal range and incorporate this into the story to enhance the listening experience.

What are you hoping that your audience can feel when taking in "Gun & a Crucifix?" Have you found that the feedback has backed these themes being grasped?

I hope that the audience can read further into the lyrics and maybe understand the deeper message, which I'm not quite ready to speak on yet. So far, we have received a positive response, and most seem to understand what I am trying to say within the lyrics and storyline.

What does tour life like for you as the world returns to normal? Are you ready to play all of your latest hits?

Oh, we are so ready to do this! We have a few more tunes to come out first, though!

What's next for Evol Walks?

We have a music video that we are working on for "Gun & a Crucifix," and we have two new singles launching in the new year.