Turn Up Your Speakers and Get Ready to Move with Wendy Shu's Debut Single, "Makin' Love to the Night

Denver, Colorado is home to the emerging Pop sensation Wendy Shu. As an emerging singer and songwriter, Wendy Shu has a scorching love of telling stories through the melodies that she intricately crafts. Growing up, music always played a significant role in the life of Wendy Shu. From learning piano with her mother to creating with other creatives in a college band, she has always managed to keep music around her. Now all her past musical experience has culminated into the work she is able to produce now.

Wendy Shu has recently released the vivid likes of her debut single, “Makin Love to the Night.” However, this is just the beginning for her. Creating lyrical prose that swiftly takes you into the world of Wendy Shu, she fashions a shared space of experiences for her listeners.

“Makin’ Love to the Night” exudes the effervescent, feel-good Pop essence that Wendy Shu conveys to listeners as she transports us to an unforgettable night on the town with her friends; a memory that many of us haven’t been able to experience in quite some time due to the winding road of 2020. Ravishing guitar riffs drown the speakers as the sparse and perfectly timed drum hits add that extra oomph to drive home the Pop power radiating from the intoxicating sounds of “Makin’ Love to the Night.”

Wendy Shu immerses us in the sweet resonance of the wide vocal range that she showcases in her performance of this hit record. The mesmerizing hook takes you on a journey of the escapes of the evening as Wendy Shu manages to deliver a detailed version of her night on the town as she sonically conveys the enticing tale scripted. The lavish vocalization cascades with the instrumentation in an effortless manner that has you hanging on to every single lyric Wendy Shu delivers as she makes her debut in the rapidly growing Pop scene. Future projects are in the works for Wendy Shu as she indulges her listeners with the emotional connection that her blissful soundscape generates.