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Turn Up Your Speakers and Get Ready to Move with Wendy Shu's Debut Single, "Makin' Love to the Night

Denver, Colorado is home to the emerging Pop sensation Wendy Shu. As an emerging singer and songwriter, Wendy Shu has a scorching love of telling stories through the melodies that she intricately crafts. Growing up, music always played a significant role in the life of Wendy Shu. From learning piano with her mother to creating with other creatives in a college band, she has always managed to keep music around her. Now all her past musical experience has culminated into the work she is able to produce now.

Wendy Shu has recently released the vivid likes of her debut single, “Makin Love to the Night.” However, this is just the beginning for her. Creating lyrical prose that swiftly takes you into the world of Wendy Shu, she fashions a shared space of experiences for her listeners.

“Makin’ Love to the Night” exudes the effervescent, feel-good Pop essence that Wendy Shu conveys to listeners as she transports us to an unforgettable night on the town with her friends; a memory that many of us haven’t been able to experience in quite some time due to the winding road of 2020. Ravishing guitar riffs drown the speakers as the sparse and perfectly timed drum hits add that extra oomph to drive home the Pop power radiating from the intoxicating sounds of “Makin’ Love to the Night.”

Wendy Shu immerses us in the sweet resonance of the wide vocal range that she showcases in her performance of this hit record. The mesmerizing hook takes you on a journey of the escapes of the evening as Wendy Shu manages to deliver a detailed version of her night on the town as she sonically conveys the enticing tale scripted. The lavish vocalization cascades with the instrumentation in an effortless manner that has you hanging on to every single lyric Wendy Shu delivers as she makes her debut in the rapidly growing Pop scene. Future projects are in the works for Wendy Shu as she indulges her listeners with the emotional connection that her blissful soundscape generates.

Congratulations on your debut release, “Makin’ Love to the Night.” You have definitely made a bubbly statement with this debut! As an emerging artist, could you please tell us a bit about yourself and your craft?

Thanks so much! Yeah so my name is Wendy and I’m 23 years old, currently based in Denver. I’ve been very involved in music my entire life. My mom was a piano teacher so from a very early age I was thrown into it but as I got older, I started picking up other musical forms like singing, guitar, and I even played the saxophone in the band from middle school through college. I was inspired by Taylor Swift in my early teens because I loved the way she wrote from her heart and created really emotional music that connected with her audience and that was something I really tried to emulate as I started writing. It wasn’t until this past year I think I really started writing the way I wanted to and found some maturity in my style.

Where did your inspiration strike for “Makin’ Love to the Night?"

Makin’ Love to the Night is inspired by some of my closest friends who all live out East so I

haven’t seen them in quite some time now, largely due to the pandemic restricting travel. The

song is really just about a pre-pandemic time when we could hit the town in our best outfits,

having the time of our young lives. One of the friends that this song was inspired by has these little sayings that I incorporated into the song and “makin love to the night” is one of them, so I definitely have to give him some credit here as well! But I’ve always loved this phrase because it really is such a romantic and simple way to describe just being young and crazy and staying up all night with the people you love creating memories to last a lifetime.

Since this was your first recording experience, could you please take us into the ambiance of your first studio session?

I wish I could’ve actually gotten into a studio to record this song! But with everything going on, I decided to do all of the recordings remotely. I connected with a producer, Kate Malone,

and I sent her my bare-bones recording of just me and my guitar. We just went over what

sound I was going for with this song. She was able to produce that amazing track for me and I did the recording in my home studio. It was definitely a lot of back and forth trying to make sure everything sounded just right but it was such a fun experience taking a song I had written just me and my guitar and turn it into full-scale production.

What themes and messages would you like for your listeners to take away from the music you create?

I hope people just find some happiness when listening to this song. This year has been so hard and I’m sure there are lots of people out there that are in a similar spot to me who haven’t been able to be with their loved ones in quite a few months. Maybe it’ll take them back to a time when they were with their friends making love to the night or maybe it’ll give them something to look forward to down the road. Regardless, I just hope it brightens someone’s mood and maybe even get them dancing along a little bit.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I have so many projects in the works right now and I’m so excited to get them produced and put them out into the world. With this first release, I wanted to go with something more fun,

commercial, and relatable but some songs I have coming up are definitely going to be more emotional and hopefully show off that more mature writing style I was talking about. There are no set dates yet but I’m aiming for my next single to be out in early 2021 so definitely keep an eye out!

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