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TWENTYFOUR Releases “Fast Food”

TWENTYFOUR is a 20 Houston native artist who brings his experiences and emotions to life through his music. He is a skillful rapper who uses his experience in the game to deliver his dope bars that have meaning and substance. He fell in love with rap at the age of 12, being inspired by lyrical legends such as Mos Def and Jay Z. in the year of 2018, TWENTYFOUR decided it was time to release his first track to the public.

Fast Food” is a raw track that has meaning, soul, and truth to it. TWENTYFOUR raps “I gotta keep it candid, I’m a product of my own thoughts sell ideas for the low, tryna give the world something to hold and not let go, but this art can’t be bought”. There is so much meaning packed into that one verse that makes it a great representation of his ability to make a song catchy and authentic. In Fast Food” TWENTYFOUR talks about the importance of being original and keeping it real for other people to follow in his footsteps. In the song he also talks about having a lasting career in the rap industry, with plans on growing and developing as an artist. With his song focusing on these ideologies, it makes him a great role model and artist to listen to for inspiration. Keep your eye out for TWENTYFOUR and his new releases!

Listen to "Fast Food" here and get to know more about TWENTYFOUR below!

What made you release your first track in 2018?

I felt I wasn’t ready to make music even after writing for so long & didn’t know if rap was what I’m good at but then I realized it was & I was constantly getting better so my confidence grew and I started putting out music I really liked . 

What was your inspiration behind “Fast Food”?

I was sitting on the concept for few years I wrote half of the song in 2016 I believe then kinda lost hope in it/got bored with it. But I just always felt like even with artists who make good music they’re easily disposable . Not too many people really care about good music. They’ll like an album then move on like it wasn’t just something that was amazing. But you see it even more with artists who just make “fast food” type music. They know they’re making something that’s gonna barely last but they’re fine with it. It’s fast food in the sense we know it’s not good for us and that it doesn’t really do anything for you , but we still take it in. It’s here today and gone tomorrow. 

What were your biggest challenges when writing “Fast Food” and how did you overcome them?

Biggest challenge was writing the second half of the song cus I never really wrote anything that wasn’t just a straight rap flow so I was tryna step out my element & on that part I was kinda singing but still being true to what I know & what I am. 

How do you plan to continue to differentiate yourself from other rappers in the industry?

I plan on telling my story , telling stories of the people who don’t have a voice while still putting concise & thought provoking lyrics but not giving up the ability to actually enjoying listening to the song. Just making sure it’s still sonically pleasing. And definitely never conforming or doing/saying things just because . Gotta stay true to me always.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

I’ll be dropping music more frequently throughout the entire 2019, shooting videos to these singles , getting in freestyles , cyphers etc. & hopefully if I have the fan base for it , I can drop a project around November/December. 


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