TWENTYFOUR Wants To Know “Who You?”

Back again and better than ever, TWENTYFOUR is a bright up and comer from Houston, Texas. The underground hip-hop scene is ingrained in TWENTYFOUR’s soul. He pours his heart and dedication into every rhyme he spits. His older brother introduced TWENTYFOUR to legends like Andre 3000, Mos Def, and Marvin Gaye. TWENTYFOUR creates music that resonates with his listeners and fans. Not only are his messages powerful, but his bars are poetic and flawless.

Previously featured on BuzzMusic for his dope tracks “Fast Food” and “Rollin”, TWENTYFOUR just dropped his newest single “Who You?”. This track features jazzy motown vibes fused with expert poetry throughout. TWENTYFOUR weaves his listeners through his notable come up. No matter what trials and tribulations TWENTYFOUR has been through he’s still got his undeniable talent. “Who You?” is a track that allows listeners to have a deeper look inside TWENTYFOUR’s thoughts and become more self-aware of their own outlooks. TWENTYFOUR is known for his intense authenticity and “Who You?” paints a clear picture of that. Keeping up his constant theme of success, TWENTYFOUR knows he’ll be a legend. His rhymes are finely-calibrated, his emotive verses spark reactions from his fans and his alluring instrumentals keep us craving more. Stay on the lookout for TWENTYFOUR!

Listen to “Who You?” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome TWENTYFOUR! Houston Texas is a major scene for Hip-Hop and some may say it has its own style. In what ways were you impacted by your environment?

I was impacted by my city’s music , the people I hung around, the fashion etc. all of it influences my style as an artist and shaped who I am as a person. Even tho I’ve been through a lot , the overall impact I would look at it as a positive one. 

Let’s discuss your song “Rollin”. What was the main theme behind this single?

The main theme was perseverance. To always keep pushin for what it is you’re after; never stop. It means a lot to me cus of what I was going through at the time in my personal life as well as the fact that it’s just a honest song to me . All my music is true to me but especially this one cus it represents type of person I am . Someone that’s not gonna give up on what they love.

You have a classic delivery. Who would you consider some of your musical influences?

I have a lot of music influences from jay z, Andre 3000 to Scarface, lupe fiasco & mos def. 

As a rapper, what’s your take on the current state of hip-hop? In what ways has it changed for you?

Even tho I might not like newer music as much as what I grew up on , now I feel like it’s a lot more fun. You can tell an artist put it out because he just felt good or was having fun at the moment. I wasn’t as understanding of rap 5-10 years ago as I am now, but I feel like back then artists tried to be more precise. It’s a positive & negative to both tho. I think now rap is looked at less like a job , & more only as something fun or cool to do for some if not most artists. And that changes pretty much everything about the music itself. For me I grew more of a love and appreciation for it . I don’t really worry about what the outside world is doing or how they view rap. I recognize their view, then move on & continue to do what I love & I guess the most change is that I really keep getting better.

What’s next for you TWENTYFOUR?

I’m working on music constantly since I started this series called “#24THOFTHEMONTH” where every 24th I drop a single and something special that goes with it . “Rollin” was the first single & came with a video created & directed by @YUNGBABYBOI .  I got another single coming out June 24. And I’ll keep coming every month.  Hopefully if my fanbase keeps growing I’ll drop a project at end of the year. I’ll definitely try to get at least 2/3 more shows in by end of year as well. 

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