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Twilight Muse’s New Single Will Stay In Your Heart “Forever”

Twilight Muse is an indie-rock duo composed of the unique talents of Meg Pollaro and Andrew Shapiro, who draw upon their personal experiences to create enchanting music reflecting love, life, and longing.

Their artist moniker embodies their self-reflective artistry, with “Twilight” symbolizing a certain stage in one’s life and “Muse” as a source of inspiration. Drawing from a diverse palette of genres like Americana, new wave, and modern R&B, their songs are narrative tales presented through insight, wisdom, and skillful lyricism. Meg and Andrew met at an open jam session in 2019, where their initial chemistry blossomed into a vast collection of compositions.

As Twilight Muse prepares to unveil their debut album, "Forever" is the first song to offer listeners a preview into the duo's captivating sonic realm.

The melody of "Forever" is a mesmerizing modern take on the R&B genre, with lyrics inspired by "Breadcrumbs" written by poet Elizabeth Estella — a poem crafted for Meg and her husband's wedding. "Forever" begins with a soft piano melody and warm synths, leading to a series of relaxed drum beats.

Once Meg’s rich vocals grace the track, they reveal the story of a woman persistently avoiding love. After a few lines, Andrew’s harmonies intertwine seamlessly with hers, creating a soulful and euphoric ambiance. The phrase, "She never knew she wanted something, this is why there's a word for forever," is a testament to the song’s core message; the portrayal of love's endurance. Listeners of "Forever" will find solace, knowing that love will always find you no matter how far you wander.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Twilight Muse; congratulations on the release of "Forever" off your anticipated new album. Can you take us through creating “Are You In?"

Like many songs, "Are You In?" started with a guitar riff - the back-and-forth acoustic strum that opens the tune. That alternating led immediately to the chorus lyric, a question we've all asked or at least wondered about a romantic partner: Are you in? Or are you out? We wrote the lyrics with help from our musician friend Fritz Michel.

Are there any specific influences (ex: artists, songs) that have significantly shaped your musical style? Our influences are diverse, ranging from Americana to new wave to modern R&B. "Are You In?" has a rootsy, Nashville sound. We trade verses, which we frequently do, with inspiration from duos like Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, or even Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

As you’re working towards releasing your new album, how has your relationship with music evolved from early beginnings to the present? It's changed a lot as we've written more songs together and grown more confident as songwriters and performers. It all stems from the power of our creative partnership, which we feel has a magical element of kismet to it.

What can fans expect from your upcoming album in terms of its themes or musical style? Our songs are eclectic - from sensual, slow-burn ballads and contemplative, mid-tempo tunes to frisky rockers - and are informed by our love of truly diverse music. Thematically, we write about real-life experiences like being in a long-term relationship, raising kids, and getting older. And we address these universal themes alternately from a female and male perspective.

How do you hope your music impacts your listeners?

Consider our name. “Twilight” is a time of day but also suggests a stage in one’s life. “Muse” can mean being absorbed in thought or an artistic source of inspiration. We want our music to be fodder for reflection, questioning, and creativity. As one of our reviewers wrote, our music "explores something you're probably familiar with but never really stop to think about fully.”


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