Twin Flames Blur Lines Of Diversity With New Track “Human”

Twin Flames band creates a sonic landscape that spans Canada and the Arctic. Honoring their ancestors, they sing songs in English, Inuktitut, and French. This multi-award-winning husband and wife duo is made up of Chelsey June and Jaaji both of Indigenous Backgrounds. Jaaji is Inuk and Mohawk from Nunavik and Chelsey June métis (Algonquin Cree) from Ottawa. Building bridges across cultures, continents, and styles, Twin Flames bring together a richness of personal history and musical experience. Blending together Indigenous and western instruments, as well as their own unique sonic creations.

“Human” focuses on the theme of self-acceptance, togetherness and an overall feeling of empowerment. The proud anthem boasts a feeling of community and togetherness, regardless of diversity and cultural differences. “We are all the Human Race” is a contagious lyric within the hook that we can’t get enough of. It’s incredible how a simple message can hold so much weight in today’s world. The lyrics float between Inuktitut, French, and English leaving audiences fascinated and inspired. They bring in narration of important history and lessons. We love the educational, inspiring and heart-warming nature of “Human”. The vocals are hypnotizing and spotless, while the acoustics and infectious melody take the listener on a journey. Twin Flames have an authentic artistry that is individual to them. We love what they’ve created with this new single “Human”.

Listen to “Human” here and read more with Twin Flames below in our exclusive interview. 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Twin Flames! Tell us how you originally got started making music that blends cultures and genres What inspired you artistry? 

Our music is usually inspired by our own life experiences and the trials and journeys we all walk in throughout our life. In hopes that people will get insight and Hope's in their own journey.

Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics within “Human”? 

This year being the international year of Indigenous Languages, we were approached and Invited by Folk Alliance International to be the Artist in Residence, to write a song in partnership with UNESCO and United Nations and to make it the official song to their campaign. The song talks about how no matter where we come from, we are from somewhere. Also to highlight that Languages are diverse and we should be proud but also to be Human.

What do you hope your listeners take away from this song?

Pride in oneself self and heritage. Also to be open to other cultures without prejudice.

We love your self-proclaimed “contemporary folk” sound! What's your writing process like?

Awwwe Gee, Thanks! Sometimes it happens out of blue. We've both had dreams of song and started right away jotting. I Jaaji usually get inspired by something and kind of see music to a story like a soundtrack. Then words start to develop. Without even thinking, we will sing about the same thing in 2 languages. Chelsey's writing process usually inspired by life events as they unfold in our now world of touring. Soundchecks lately have been where we find music, The fruition to one of our soundchecks song which was the first to happen that way is our Xmas song titled "Magic of Christmas".

What’s next for Twin Flames?

We are currently in Edmonton Alberta Canada just finished Edmonton Folk Fest. We are headed to a Mansion we rented through AirBnB to finish writing and the arrangement of our 3rd Album which will be slightly different than our last 2. Slightly darker. We are playing the Canada Games on the 16th of August in Swift Current Saskatchewan Canada. In a couple weeks we are headed to Australia for the 2019 Bigsound Festival which is also a Showcase.. We are one of 3 artist/bands chosen by Manitoba Music to represent Indigenous Canada. Then we have a bunch of Showcases in Sept and Oct. Including Orlando Florida, Prince Edward Island, St Catherine's Ontario and back to Saskatchewan. Then recording studio for album. Beyond that we are busy but specifically too far to remember to jot down but busy till December.


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