Ty’Dre Is “Back Again” And Better Than Ever

Ty'Dre is a Canadian artist born in Scarborough and raised in the suburbs of Brampton, Canada- just on the outskirts of Toronto. Finding his passion for songwriting at a very young age, Ty'Dre has always showed interest in music. Following an initial single release back in 2017, Ty'Dre took time to build on his songwriting ability to become a versatile recording artist that can not only create and perform dope verses, but catchy hooks and memorable anthems as well. Making an official return in 2019, Ty'Dre returns better than before with a newfound understanding of his sound and a greater sense of motivation.

“Back Again” (ft. Kampaign) is a dope new single from Ty’Dre and we can’t get enough of this collaboration. Ty'Dre returns with this new single, declaring his newfound focus and dedication. He teams up with fellow-Canadian/Toronto artist Kampaign featuring on the track. With a smooth and infectious melody, this anthem rings in a summer destined for triumphant wins and revenge. Full of clarity and truth, his lyrics are a refreshing addition to the music industry today. Ty'Dre is unapologetic and authentically honest. The rawness that’s in every punchline is unpredictable yet consistent. Ty'Dre gives a confident and edgy appeal to his artistry while staying true to the hip-hop roots that founded the culture of rap. His lyricism and flow are addicting and smooth, while the back beats are vibrant and classic. Ty'Dre is killing the game and we’re here for it. He writes relatable rhymes while remaining true to himself and his message. Ty'Dre floats melodically on the hook and first verse of his new single to create a memorable summer anthem. "Back Again" will have everyone feeling ready to take on the second half of 2019. 

Check out “Back Again” (ft. Kampaign) here and scroll down for our interview with Ty’Dre.

Hi Ty’Dre! Can you tell us a bit about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

I was born in Scarborough and moved to Brampton when I was kid. I was always writing music just for fun as a kid. I would make little remixes of songs with my friends just for laughs. How I got into making music seriously though was through certain life experiences that made me turn to music as an outlet. For every down moment and struggle there was a song, and when I got to sharing those songs with those that were around me, there was something about how it moved them. They found it therapeutic as well. That reaction gives me the drive to continue pursuing it seriously everyday. 

Who are your top three musical influences and why?

I can’t say I have 3 because whoever I like listening to can sometimes influence my sound. But I could tell you who made me really take the leap into making music seriously though, and that’s Dave East. Why ? Because of how he combines his grit with his unique flow and his story telling ability altogether in his music. Everything about his delivery is just pure hunger and I can relate to that!

Tell us about your song “Back Again”! What inspired this? 

Back Again was inspired by just me feeling like I was finally doing what I was meant to do and feeling like I finally found my sound! It was the perfect way to come back and introduce my redefined sound -- and share my totally new focus that I have now. I wanted it to be known that I’m “Back Again” !!! But much better than you last heard. 

What would be your dream venue to perform?

Hmm I don’t know if I could say I have one dream venue I’d like to perform at, but something I really can’t wait to experience is performing at these festivals. The turn out and crowd responses are amazing.

How does the music you make now compare to when you first started making music? 

I would say The difference between the music I make now versus when I first started making music is a few things: my sound, confidence, and quality! Everything I put out, no matter the style, will be a quality body of work; and I have a lot of different styles that I plan to show all of my fans with the next string of singles and collaborations I have on the way soon. And eventually, a full project. So be on the lookout, and be prepared to be surprised !


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