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Tye Ellen Reminds Us What “This Love” Is

Tye Ellen is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas, who enjoys writing in genres of Pop and R&B and has collaborated with artists to create hip hop and folk music. Her most recent single "This Love," is a pop, love song that was featured in Season 4 of Temptation Island in the USA. Tye reminds us time and time again that the records she creates and releases just get better and better.

Tye Ellen shows off her vocal and powerful songwriting abilities on her new single, "This Love." Over this track, the gifted Houston singer spills all of her unconditional love for her other half. "This Love" means the world to her, she feels as if she's on a ride, craving his vibe and touch, explaining that she's able to connect with him without using words, they just click. Her wild, free and unconditional love takes her on an emotional rollercoaster, but it gives her that high that only love can provide.

There's nothing like "This Love" and its impact on Tye and it really shows in lyrics like "Got me acting like this" and "All I need is you right here with me." She sings elegantly and with emotion and places it in the perfect spots to give us the most unforgettable melodic moments, as she leaves us with her angelic vocals and the most futuristic instrumental. Her beat choice, passion, and grit for her music are genuinely astounding, we can definitely say she'll be here for a long time, infiltrating the industry and staying unique in her craft.

In this relatable single "This Love," Tye Ellen is bound to take you back to some old times or feelings to reminisce on. From the production to the crisp vocal display, this record is a must-hear and we're confident you're going to love this one.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tye, we are so pleased to have you with us today. We love your new single "This Love," tell us what inspired you to create a record like this and what type of emotions was linked to it?

This song was a bit different because I actually received a brief (request) from an agency and they needed a song about love. Of course, there are different stages and thoughts that come to mind when you think of love and I wanted this to be an upbeat love anthem sort of speak.

"This Love" offers us many relatable moments. What do you want people to take away from this song?

I think we can all relate to that exciting feeling you get when you're in that brand new love phase and you just want to tell everyone about it and you want nothing more than to be around that person all the time. As a female artist what were some of the most challenging things you've encountered and how did you deal with them?

As a mom/wife you are always juggling so much; so finding the time to make music without feeling guilty is something that I deal with but I feel like I am getting in a rhythm and have a better schedule working for me. You've mentioned that you collaborated with a producer to assist in creating "This Love," what was the process like, and did you work on it together or separately?

This was a project that had a very fast turnaround. I called Chris up on Friday and sent him a few references of some vibes I was leaning towards. He created a beat/instrumental Saturday evening. I wrote to it very late Saturday night during my vacation in Miami. I flew back to Houston (home) Sunday morning and recorded it Sunday afternoon and sent it back to him for mix/mastering Sunday night. We submitted the song to the agency on Monday afternoon and it was signed to the agency and recently got placed and can be heard on "Temptation Island" Season 4 Episode 2.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is to keep writing and meeting new collaborators to create with. I really want a song on a commercial ad, so that would be the biggest thing I am working towards.


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