Tyler Allred Is Back With a Velvety Sound in "Get Well Soon"

February 21 | BuzzMusic

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Tyler Allred is back on BuzzMusic to showcase his most recent indie sound. If you aren't already aware of Tyler Allred, it's time to become familiarized. Tyler Allred is the type of alt/indie artist who is completely authentic. Tyler Allred has always maintained integrity within his music; a quality that is easily detectable once you listen to any of his tracks. He projects a pure persona. This makes us fall deeper into his music, as well as gain an enriched appreciation for what it is he uses his music to do. Tyler Allred is an artist that's been through many hardships but uses those hardships to convey poignant messages to his listening base. His latest single release, "Get Well Soon", reveals this naturally authentic side of Tyler that is blended into the essence of his sound.

Tyler Allred begins his tracks with an inspirational approach to production. Predictably, “Get Well Soon" does not compromise in any way. The track introduces a characterizable soft buzz, allowing listeners to prepare for what is to come. “Get Well Soon" delves almost immediately using smooth vocal outflow. He uses a harmonious and incredibly charismatic approach. There is something about Tyler Allred's voice that allows listeners to instantly bond with him, and understand what Tyler wishes to communicate to listeners. There is a sense of honesty within him, and it radiates so clearly when he performs a song. "Get Well Soon" follows along yet another emotional journey for Tyler Allred. He walks listeners through the intricacies of life. Tyler Allred’s perspective is charming and easily comprehensible. It's hard to miss the punchline with this song. “Get Well Soon" offers a creamy and delicate tempo with an even silkier vocal performance by Tyler Allred. As an artist who consistently releases good music, we know we can expect more from Tyler in the future, but for now, we're staying hooked on "Get Well Soon".

Discover "Get Well Soon" here and connect with Tyler Allred on Instagram and Twitter.