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Tyler Boone Releases Classic Hit "Moving On" Featuring Finnegan Bell

Tyler Boone grew up in Charleston, SC and fell in love with the small club rock scene

while making his way to major music venues. He gained momentum on the radio and across the

United States as well as 13 other countries which gave him opportunities to open for other

talented artists such as Sheryl Crow, Old Crow Medicine show, and The Revivalists, just to

name a few. His debut EP, “Jealousy” was released in January while is single, “Moving

on” (feat.Finnegan Bell) is currently being played on the radio.

A rocking guitar brings us straight away into the song, “Moving On” featuring Finnegan

Bell. A classic sound of rock with a hint of alternative genre brings us into the backing vocals

reminiscent of early Beatles music while staying the year of 2019. A message of being humble

is what comes across as Boone reminds his listeners to never forget where they come free.

Upbeat and energetic with a groovy bassline and drums, Boone ties it all in with a killer guitar

solo. This pays homage to his predecessors of rock and alternative music. The ending has to be

the most grandiose ending to be heard with a buildup of all the instruments to make a final and

exuberant cadence. Tyler Boone has been shaking up the radio waves and will do the same

with your playlist.

Remember to add Tyler's "Moving On" to your Spotify playlist, and get to know the artist through his exclusive interview below!


Hey Tyler! Congrats on all the radio play! How does it feel to hear your music on the radio?

Thanks so much, I've been lucky enough to start hearing my songs on the radio when I was 20 years old and ever since then I've been pretty much always chasing after it. A lot of this success I can credit to John Schoenberger & Ken Anthony of All Access music group in Malibu, California & also to Mike Allen, he was the first guy to start spinning my music.

Your new track "Moving On" is such a vibe! Thanks for sharing it with us. Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of the song?

I wrote this song when I moved back to Charleston from Nashville when I was working on launching my bourbon line "Boone's Bourbon." I was heavily listening to Gary Clark Jr. then and wanted to stick to that vibe & heavily the electric guitar.

What message do you want your listeners to take from listening “Moving On”?

Sometimes things seem bleak and other people are blazing right by you chasing their goals, but know that your time will come and when it does it'll all be worth it.

Favorite lyric line from the song? Why?

"I've been falling down and I cant get up, we've been running around and it's time I get on" 

Time to stop listening to other people and get on with my own life & my own goals.

Who are a few of your greatest musical influences that have helped shape your career in the music industry?

Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr.

What can we expect from you going through 2019?

I hit the studio in two weeks to lay down a new single, going for more on the Americana vibe this time around, I'm stoked.

Keep up to date with Tyler Boone through his website and socials:


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