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Tyler Short Isn't Holding Back Any of His Truth in, "This Is Me"

Tyler Short hails from New Jerusalem, PA, and is making tons of noise with his hit summer single, "This Is Me". As a country/pop artist, Tyler Short puts pride in releasing his truth to his listeners.

Growing up, Tyler Short was always influenced to represent his most authentic self through music. Beginning his musical journey in the church choir, Tyler Short has since come long and far in developing himself artistically and now fuses playful sounds with lyricism full of depth.

"This Is Me" immediately introduces a lush combination of guitar chords that easily set the tone right for the rest of the track. This is your pop-infused, heartfelt country single that's making a big impact for the summer. Tyler Short has a charismatic and warm voice that swiftly enters the soundscape, illuminating any listening ear.

The perspective of Tyler Short gets unraveled throughout the song, and his sights are set on communicating his confidence. "This Is Me" is all about authenticity, and precisely how Tyler Short isn't about to give any of it up. Letting listeners know that you get what you get, Tyler Short isn't afraid to show his true self to anyone, and "This Is Me" inspires others to feel as comfortable in their own skin as he does.

"This Is Me" has been released just in time to binge-listen through the summer and we can't wait to see what's next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tyler Short, your recent single, "This Is Me," sheds light on your own perspective and personal confidence. Were you hoping to inspire your listeners with the tenacious morale you introduced into the song?

Oh absolutely. Ain't nothing wrong with being yourself and letting others know you're good with who you are.

What would you say was the main idea behind "This Is Me?" What takeaway message were you hoping each of your listeners received upon listening?

The main idea was really just me reassuring myself that I’m good with myself and who I am. I guess I just hope to help anyone else who doesn’t feel as confident in themselves to have that confidence. It's really about me letting others know you are your best self when you own who you are.

How impressionable do you believe your childhood was in cultivating your love for music?

I feel like my childhood had a lot to do with creating what came to be. From singing in church to Joe Walsh concerts with my dad. Music has always played a significant role in my life.

Will your future music follow suit with the style presented in "This Is Me" or should listeners expect to hear a different sound from Tyler Short?

I reckon it’s a little bit of both. The sound doesn’t get too far off but there is some variety in the mood of the songs on the EP. Similar sound but changes a bit to capture the feel of each song.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

Be better. I feel like if I can be the best I can for myself it can only help me be better for others. Although a career in music can be a double edge sword I know it's where I’m the best version of myself. I just want to be a better person every day.


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