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Tyler Sills Curates New Single "Complications"

Tyler Sills is a singer/songwriter, musician, producer, and rapper from Portland Oregon who's coming to make a name for himself in the music industry. Tyler recently released his single titled “Complications” and we were completely engrossed by the entire element of the song. Tyler Sills creates an atmosphere for you to become intertwined with as one. The beat has an interesting fused together sound of lo-fi and hi-fi elements. Tyler sills knows how to curate the most intricate vibe for his listener. The lyrics were contextual and displayed depth behind the appealing image. You find yourself focused in on the music and studying the possible meaning behind the lyricism.

For me personally, I love detecting lyrical messages and meanings, to idealize what the theme of the song could possibly be about. This special quality to Tyler Sills artistry makes him a one of a kind and compelling creator. The vocals is memorable and the voice seems to be echoing inside your ears. Tyler Sills doesn’t have to have a long introduction to who he is because it seems as if his music speaks for himself. He creates art. And that’s the true definition of what an artist should be. Someone who passionately projects their voice, stories, and thoughts into their music regardless of the genre it fits in. Complications is a wonderful song and we’re sure many people will enjoy this!

Tune into Tyler Sills new single "Complications" here, and keep scrolling for the artists interview!


Hey Tyler, mind telling us a little bit about your background and what encouraged you to begin pursuing music?     

Music has always been a crucial part of my life. Growing up my family was very musically talented (singing, guitar piano, etc) So I had an interest from a very young age. I've been playing the guitar for over 10 years and have a wide variety in music tastes such as  heavy metal, folk, prog rock. hip hop, rap, and many more. The past 2 years I had been learning how to record music with an at home studio I have been slowly building! Over time and through friends I discovered sampling and making beats for fun which recently grew into creating ambient Hip hop tracks. My pursuit of music has been a long journey and I finally decided to put my music out there for everyone to hear. I had to overcome my fears of judgement and just let my creative side do the work! 


Do your songs serve as a reflection of your personal stories and experiences?

Most of my songs come from personal experiences in my life. Whether it be when my mind won't stop racing and I just need to let my thoughts go; or a path in life that is currently traveled. I seek inspiration from anywhere it comes from and It can be seen in my work, That being said I also like to have fun with music so there will always be my main goal is to have fun channeling my life into my work so everyone else may understand and enjoy it as well! 


Complications is a highly compelling and analytical record. Mind telling our readers a little bit about the meaning and the motivation to write it?

The song "Complications" was written during a time of self contemplation. I had been making so much music and was doing nothing with it other than enjoying it for myself. I had just finished putting down vocal tracks on this song (my first time rapping on a track) and I decided that there are no more excuses; I had to start sharing my music with the world. Music has always been my passion and I knew I couldn't ever make it if I didn't try; so I put all of my judgments and fears aside and decided to release it. This song to me is about not letting anything get in your way of your dreams and goals no matter how complicated life may seem.


Who have been your biggest musical influences this past year?

This year my biggest influences are Mac Miller (The Divine Feminine, and Swimming)    Anthony Green (Would you still be in love)   Between the Buried and Me (Colors, and most albums)          Billie Eilish  (When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go), Chris Cornell  (Audioslave, Soundgarden, and solo work).

What can we expect from Tyler Sills this summer?

.This summer you can expect at least a few more singles to be release (while I finish my album) Some of which will still be in the Ambient Hip hop genre and Some will be more solo Acoustic Folk. I have no shortage of creativity and only plan on releasing more and more work as time goes on.


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