TyreeThePrince’s Latest Record is Deemed Priceless with, “Say Nothing”

Chicago Hip-hop artist, TyreeThePrince, taps into his boisterous personality in his latest single, “Say Nothing.”

As one to always bring an aggressive approach to his music, plastered with enough energy to serve up a village, he is best known for his artistic versatility with a variety of flows and melodies. TyreeThePrince takes his larger than life vision and applies it with his burning passion for songwriting.

As an upcoming artist, he is one to look out for with the unique approach he takes to the tune he creates.

“Say Nothing,” paints a picture with the energetic Trap inspired tempo and powerful delivery from TyreeThePrince. This song has you feeling all kinds of ways while turning up the volume to access more of the bass-driven record.

Money makes the world go round and TyreeThePrince hits home with this record about flaunting what we’ve worked hard for on a day to day basis.

With a charismatic hook like, “I only talk about money, yea, I only talk about money,” it automatically emits late night club scene vibes where we can hear this playing at last call with our arms and drinks up in t