TyreeThePrince’s Latest Record is Deemed Priceless with, “Say Nothing”

Chicago Hip-hop artist, TyreeThePrince, taps into his boisterous personality in his latest single, “Say Nothing.”

As one to always bring an aggressive approach to his music, plastered with enough energy to serve up a village, he is best known for his artistic versatility with a variety of flows and melodies. TyreeThePrince takes his larger than life vision and applies it with his burning passion for songwriting.

As an upcoming artist, he is one to look out for with the unique approach he takes to the tune he creates.

“Say Nothing,” paints a picture with the energetic Trap inspired tempo and powerful delivery from TyreeThePrince. This song has you feeling all kinds of ways while turning up the volume to access more of the bass-driven record.

Money makes the world go round and TyreeThePrince hits home with this record about flaunting what we’ve worked hard for on a day to day basis.

With a charismatic hook like, “I only talk about money, yea, I only talk about money,” it automatically emits late night club scene vibes where we can hear this playing at last call with our arms and drinks up in the air, forgetting about tomorrow.

TyreeThePrince executes a clear and present conveyance of his memorable lyrics and carefully crafted rhyme schemes. In the Hip-hop era, we experience today, “Say Nothing,” has all the components of a hit track and we’re here for it. TyreeThePrince continues to bring a whole feast to the table and shows us why he is a promising and talented up and comer.

“Say Nothing,” gives off a lot of energy and we can’t help but sing the hook over and over again. Could you please take us into the creative process when writing this song?

When creating and making this song, I honestly just heard the beat for the first time and the hook just happened. I listen to a lot of beats throughout the day and write a bunch of hooks. When thinking about this song I tried to make songs that fit the tape I'm working on.

How important is it for you to apply real-life experience into the songs you create?

I try to write about things that I have done, experienced, and the conditions I've lived in. 

What was the studio session like when creating, “Say Nothing?"

When making this song, I and the producer were just vibing that day. We had been running through songs, I was laying them down one by one. I just put them down bar by bar and we just had fun with it. 

What does this record mean to you and what would you like listeners to take away from it?

To me this record is just the beginning of my push, this song creates big energy and really lets people know that it's the main thing on my mind because I'm really focused on growth. I'm very business-minded and I try to hit every avenue in regards to multiple streams of income.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

My vision of success and achieving everything that I want no matter what people think of me and my material. Writing has been a passion of mine and due to that no matter what's going on given the pandemic I'm still working on creating new music.

What everyone can look forward to me is more new music, some more videos. So make sure to check me out on all platforms, you don't want to miss the wave, cause I'm coming and I'm coming different from what's a popular type of rap music right now.