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Tyrel Releases The Riveting Rap Hit, “Sacrifices”

Tyrel Pool is a recording artist from Roseland , Louisiana. He’s 21 years old and began rapping at the early age of 11. He grew up on Kendrick, Jcole, Tupac, Joey Badass, and many more. He drew inspiration from everyday struggles, and his ambition to change it. With inspiring and different music, his main goal when writing is to ensure his listener takes something from it.

Tyrel Pool released his single titled “Sacrifices” and it had a slapping beat we couldn’t help but love, but nothing prepared us for his fire delivery and flow that was a product of his musical influences. “Sacrifices” had an aggressive nature. Instead of a kickback and melodic type of record, he gave us a mainstream sounding hip-hop banger! The song is perfect for your car rides, local parties, or just a song to have on your playlist where you want to get attuned with the music and enjoy some good vibes. One element of this song that I highly respect however, would have to be Tyrel’s ability to songwrite. He gave a natural storytelling aura to the song that was extremely raw. Instead of fabricating some fake artist image, he doesn’t shy away from being who he is , and giving his story to the listener. There’s nothing I love more than a rapper who doesn’t put up a front, but instead gives their true persona through their music. Allowing their listener to become compelled by their personal story.

Check out "Sacrifices" here. Read more in our interview with Tyrel below!

Hi Tyrel! How has your background and upbringing, impact your music?

Hey! My past and upbringing has impacted my music in a lot of ways. My mom always drilled values and how important it was to be a man into me. There's some things I've been through growing up that matured me faster than others though. I tend to reflect a lot when writing music to capture the right story to give to the listener.  I believe everything that has happened, happened for a reason as well. I'm just grateful the most high gave me the ability to be able to speak about it. 

Tell us about “Sacrifices”, what does this song mean to you?

I believe the song title speaks for itself ya know. Everyone has to make sacrifices to reach their higher self. I truly believe you can't reach that next level without it. I wrote "Sacrifices" with that in mind. I wanted to write it in a way to where I was telling my story, while also putting inspiration out into the universe. I knew if I felt this way then somebody chasing whatever dreams they have feel the same way too. 

What was the emotion you channeled while writing “Sacrifices” ?

I honestly can't pinpoint a specific emotion because I went through them all but I do remember hearing the beat and it instantly caught my attention. In the beginning I had wrote a completely different concept to it. I didn't like it at all, I tried to dismiss it but something kept pulling me towards the beat. So, I meditated and I had to put myself back in those positions to feel again. Once I allowed myself to do that, it's like everything started flowing effortlessly. 

What would you like your new fans to know about you?

I would like them to know that I'm human. I mess up just like the average person ya know. Some of the same thoughts and worries they have, I have as well. Where I'm from it's really nothing and growing up in it can turn treacherous depending on who you let around you. I just want to be that light for my brothers. I have individuals that look up to me as well, so I really have to watch what I do because I don't want to lead them wrong.

What’s next for you Tyrel?

The next thing is to just stay the course. We tend to slow down when we start to see accomplishments and begin to get a little notoriety. I'm still at square one so I'm still going through trial and error with pursuing this dream. In the end though you should see me some where on the big screen.


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