Tyrell Drew Switches Up Genres With New Electro-Pop Hit “Beautiful”

Tyrell Drew is a talented singer/songwriter from Quebec, Canada. Currently distributed by Higher Reign Music Group/Sony Music Canada, he started creating waves in the pop scene in June 2018 with his single “Anywhere”. After seeing much success, this was only starting to touch the surface of what Tyrell could become. His influences certainly come from R&B but as an artist, the reflection of his thoughts in music is strongly versatile and touches many genres. Tyrell Drew is currently working on an EP, stay tuned!

Late July 2019, Tyrell Drew released his new single "Beautiful". Featuring an electro-pop flare, we can see his exceptional ability to blend genres. The soundscape gathers momentum, slowly but surely enveloping you in this surprisingly upbeat and beautifully chaotic downpour of layers and moments. The music energizes, you've swept away through a vibrancy during the hooks and throughout the remainder of the track. Tyrell’s voice cuts through the chaos of “Beautiful” with an emotional and attentive sense of confidence and honesty. Rarely do you come across an act that so impressively crafts their music this way. Tyrell Drew is an act that offers the best of the best in both performance and production. He’s consistently establishing his craft, working on those qualities that already come naturally to him, and that’s why every release he presents leads its listeners down an endlessly impressive pathway.

I highly recommend you check out “Beautiful” here and read our interview with Tyrell Drew below!

Hey Tyrell! For those who donʼt know, how did you first get into music? How would you describe your current approach to writing?

Well, music has been a big part of my life since I was ve