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Uchenna Belts Out Her Heart and Soul In “You Are Everything” FT davereates

Uchenna, a singer/songwriter, who is a UK native. She began singing when she was just 10 years old. She joined her church choir and from there began leading and even directing her church youth choir. Two influential CD’s bought by her father was Throne Room by CeCe Winan and Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston. Two artists she remembers heavily in car journeys with her dad giving her much of her inspiration. Blending gospel and soulful music like what she grew up on, Uchenna is here to be heard. Uchenna is apart of IMPRINT SOUND, a gospel collective in the UK, which whom she plans to release her EP through. “You Are Everything” is her latest single.

Uchenna’s voice is the epitome of gospel and soul. She truly embodies that sound that makes her relatable and extremely pleasant to hear! To me, this track is a dedication to her faith. Not only in her views but her music as well. She’s telling a story about how God is everything to her and singing about it shows her faith in herself with her music as well. And the thing about this track is that yes its gospel but you hear so much more than that. You hear her soul! “You Are Everything” is definitely a beautifully composed song that reminds us all we have something to be grateful for.

Listen to "You Are Everything" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Uchenna below!

Hi! Could you kindly introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a singer and songwriter from London, UK and I have been been singing for about 10 years. I have been a part of my church choir since i was about 10 years old and I have been singing in my church since then.  I recently became part of the IMPRINT SOUND, which is a gospel collective in the UK.

Can you tell us a little about your journey with music?

Since singing in my church and many other choirs during my time at university I have learnt so much about music and what it truly means to be an artist. It has also helped me to develop my craft. I have been song writing for a long time but I have never had the chance to put my music out there. I am known as the girl who does 60 secs gospel covers on Instagram. In 2018 i featured on the track  'so sweet, so pure' with imprint sound and have just released my song 'you are everything' FT davereates.

Where do you see yourself in your music in the next few years?

In the next few years I see myself doing Tours within the UK  and working with different artists. I also see myself releasing many singles and music projects that will bless people in many ways and touch different part of their lives.

This new single, can you tell us about the true meaning behind it?

The single is based on part of my personal story. It speaks about how God is truly everything that I have ever needed even though I have been searching for that thing for a long time. I was searching for something to fill up the void and always looking for it in other people but God is the only person I needed to run to in those times. Since truly finding him I have been so full. It`s like a love letter that someone writes, highlighting the various reasons why they love Him. YOU`RE EVERYTHING is my own personal and intimate way of expressing why I want to follow Him.

What can we expect from Uchenna in 2019?

2019 is the year of release. There will be more music projects, more shows and also an EP that coming soon.


Connect with Uchenna on social media:

Twitter: @uchennamusic 


YouTube: uchennamusic 


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