Ugly Nov Hits Our Speakers with an Enormous Release, "Big Bank"

Drenching his listeners in the modern tones of hip-hop, the relentless rapper and songwriter UglyNov releases his blazing banger entitled "Big Bank."

From the mud to the studio, Ugly Nov is living proof that dreams are more attainable than it seems. Now making a name for himself in our cut-throat industry, Ugly Nov has managed to form and build alliances with staple contemporary hip-hop acts like NLE Choppa and Macy Gray.

Recently releasing his anthemic and hard-hitting single, "Big Bank," the song takes listeners through Ugly Nov's life and experiences while motivating them to secure the bag as he did and continues to do. With help from the powerful and robust hip-hop/trap beat, Ugly Nov grooves his way through the track without a dull moment.

Diving into "Big Bank," the track opens with a brilliant piano sample and groaning sub-bass, accompanied by upbeat snaps and snares. As the heavy 808 makes its way in alongside Ugly Nov's melodic vocals, he begins singing his heart out while displaying a playful and self-assured tone. As he starts rapping his first verse, Ugly Nov blasts into heat through his confident and poised bars, perfectly showcasing his broad talents.

Grooving through the song, Ugly Nov leaves us bopping our heads while keeping us fully engaged with his dense lyricism that inspires us to go after our dreams and live the life we imagine. Ending the track on an upbeat and fiery note, Ugly Nov makes it difficult to ignore such a thorough and contemporary hip-hop piece like this.

Get into the groove of UglyNov's latest bop, "Big Bank," now available on all streaming platforms.