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Unanswered Releases Gripping Single “Bag of Bones”

Unanswered is an up and coming hip hop artist from Michigan. Despite being a hip hop artist, he is influenced by some rock genres and bands such as Motionless in White, Linkin Park and early Three Days Grace. He reflects on some morbid attributes and the darker side of his life.

“Bag of Bones” is the latest single release by Unanswered. This is truly a haunting track with a dark vibe. The beginning begins in hushed tones, juxtaposed by an abrupt scream, before returning to his under-the-breath hushed tones. This really does invoke something out of a horror flick, and paints a truly ominous picture. Other than these obvious stand-out elements, the beat is well produced and the lyrics are delivered with confidence and style. This track is definitely more of an experience than most, invoking some quite scary elements not typically found in your everyday hip hop artist. Lend Unanswered your ear and give his single “Bag of Bones” a listen!

Listen to “Bag of Bones” here and get to know more about Unanswered below!

Thanks for catching up with us! Can you talk a bit about your background and how you first became involved with music?

I had an isolated background growing up. So I held alot of emotions in which was not healthy. Shortly after , I gravitated to rock music after listening to Animal I've become by Three Days Grace. I heard that song for the first time when i was 6 and it changed my world. I was always surrounded by hiphop/rap but rock just for some reason resonated with me like no other.

I was a kid who didn't feel comfortable expressing himself in a environment that goes against what interested me. That was the hardest pill to swallow . In my midteens I gravitated to the emo/screamo bands like ptv , bmth , and ext. They hit my soul in the right place by them talking about the same things that I would go through.

Who would you say your biggest artistic influences are?

I would eagerly say Teamsesh , Xxxtentacion, Chris Motionless , TDG and of course Marilyn Manson.

Can you talk a bit about your writing process? How does everything fall into place?

My writing process involves me combining my aesthetic and my experiences , then making an art out of what stands out to me. I would normally listen to my favorite bands and some alternative rap that's on the darker side.

You definitely nailed the haunting and scary vibes with your single, “Bag of Bones”. Did this style always come naturally to you or did it evolve more slowly with time?

The style came naturally due to me holding in my emotions . Then being reluctant to openly and loosely express myself in the darker manner. I create art from the heart. It's just that simple in my opinion.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

You can hope to see my LP King of the dead along side of Bag of bones pt 2.


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