Undead Papi and Beamon Fuse Together Two Popular Genres in "Red Dead" and It's a Must Hear!

Updated: Feb 11

Undead Papi and Beamon recently released their single titled “Red Dead” and we are all for it! “Red Dead” starts off with a killer cinematic introduction that built up the hype with a climax in dramatics. The theatrical beginning had us prepared for what’s to come, and what came was a BANGER. The fusion of both extreme metal and rap was an interesting combination! Undead Papi and Beamon completely delivered in this release. This was a super unique way to demonstrate not only unique artistry but how well talented the musicality of these artists possesses.

Undead Papi is constantly experimenting and innovating with his sound, however “Red Dead” sounds so professionally skilled that you will find it hard to believe if anybody considered the single a product of the experiment. Undead Papi and Beamon can certainly be the trendsetters of the future, opening a new sub-genre of hip-hop that the youth will fall in love with! It’s bridging the gap between hard rock fans and trap rap lovers. “Red Dead” was a nice two-dimensional song that explored two polar opposite genres and blended both together to create the ultimate head-banging experience for the listener to wander in!

You can listen to “Red Dead” by Undead Papi here.

What's the story behind Undead Papi? 

It’s a story of change. I intend for it to inspire.  The concept of prey turning to the predator. I was the victim. I was vulnerable. That needed to change. I became who I am now. I threw away the rules, morals, the ideas forced upon us since birth. You can’t win in this world playing by the rules. The rules aren’t set in your favor, and they never will be. You are in control.

Thanks for sharing your new single "Red Dead ft. Beamon". What was the inspiration behind this track and how did you decide to collab with each other?

Beamon is probably one of the only artists I respect in my city. We have a really dead music scene here in Milwaukee. There's not much diversity or versatility. Everybody sounds the same for the most part. Beamon has his own sound, and I have my own sound.  Red Dead was destined to be.

What elements did you each bring to the track? Did you follow through to see the full vision you had?

The track’s instrumental was very wavy. Almost like cloud rap. We both came in on the track with a lot of energy. Our vocals went very hard, but the mixing made it fit the cloud rap type of vibe. It’s almost like a hybrid between cloud rap and trap metal. I always love to try out new types of sounds, so I was very pleased with how this track turned out.

Rap and Metal genres are at opposite spectrums. How did you learn to combine the two to find your sound?

Rap and Metal have always been my two favorite genres. Although the music itself is very different, they are very similar in the overall message. They both are rebellious genres. The genres were birthed from similar concepts. As both of the genres really expanded and started to adopt different styles and sub-genres they became even closer and started to overlap, especially in the 2000s when Nu Metal was really popular. Finding my sound was a process, but I feel like I’ve got the core attributes down now. I always will continue to innovate and experiment with my sound, so who knows, I could sound completely different in a year from now, and I love that aspect of creating music.

What can we expect to see next from you, Undead Papi?

You can expect a lot more music and a distinct improvement in my work. 2020 is going to be much different.