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“Under The Sky Of Your Tough Love” By MEÏA Is The Heartfelt Song Of The Year

Singer-songwriter MEÏA is from Barcelona who has recently relocated to New York City and she has won the hearts of her audiences singing in her own unique way. Exploring love, dreams and social issues, this eclectic songwriter is embracing both an introspective and electric performance. With song both in Spanish and English and with a high poetic flavor, MEÏA is presenting songs of her last EP “Mülzien 25” and her next album’s compositions. MEÏA has won multiple awards such as “Best Piece of Music” for “Be Gentle my Love” from “Aphrodite Film Awards” in July 2018 in New York City, “Best Original Score” for her song “Beyond the angle of horror” in November 2018 by “Pinnacle Film Awards” in Hollywood Hills, California and recently received the “Best Music Video Award” by Los Angeles Motion Picture Film Festival in Malibu, California for her last music video “Under the Sky of Your Tough Love”.

“Under the Sky of Your Tough Love” is an electric, funky tune that is filled with excitement and catchy rhythms that get you up and moving. I love the sound of MEÏA’s voice that is alluring and soft in tone, and she is able to hit the higher notes with finesse and ease. “Under the Sky of Your Tough Love” is filled with passionate lyrics that seem to have a deeper meaning then what is embedded in this upbeat song. The music video tells us a journey about a girl who has travelled far to a new, mysterious place and the troubles she has faced along the way and gives us an amazing look at that deeper meaning behind the lyrics. MEÏA then finds new love in her music video, and with this the notes gets a little bit more exaggerated, helping further describe this story. With catchy lyrics, easy to listen to tones of the vocals, accompanying instruments and the passion felt through each delivery of words, “Under the Sky of Your Tough Love” is going to be a hit that you won’t forget with a music video that is sure to bring tears to your eyes!

Listen to “Under The Sky Of Your Tough Love” here and get to know more about MEÏA below!

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