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Unity Flows in Visuals for, "All In"

BloodBruddas is a dynamic Hip-hop duo team of biological brothers. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, 94ftKam, and KenMill have an exceptional flow, and have created their own concept of SWAG rap; Saying What’s All Good.

BloodBruddas make quality Hip-Hop without the use of profanity. This allows their music to grace the ears of a wide audience ranging in various ages. With a sound unlike other artists, BloodBruddas are seeking to expand their fan base nationwide, while making some major noise in the industry.

Embracing Bloodbruddas charismatic quintessence in their most recent music video for “All In,” the attention-grabbing visuals play upon the theme of the song as “All In,” which describes how BloodBruddas feels about the notion of unity and loyalty. Taking place in a studio setting, the concept that both 94ftKam and KenMill fashioned allows the focus to thrive in the positivity this song embodies.

With the main color scheme trickling on hues of violet, the color scheme symbolizes peace. As much as we get screen time zoned in on the unity that 94ftKam and KenMill share together, each brother has a moment to shine in the limelight while executing their own talents. With the transition through fast-paced scenes being filmed inside and around the perimeters of the studio, we love the vintage-styled effects that bring a comforting ambiance to the “All In,” filmic component.

The lyrical motif “Together we win, together we ball, together we all in,” is more apparent than ever as BloodBruddas makes it their mission to transmit a sense of belonging and inclusivity to those who cross their paths.

Grasping their listener’s optimistic tenors and drawing them towards the innovative mark that they are making in the genre of Hip-hop, BloodBruddas carries forth the desire to make an impactful change in the world we live in today.

Congratulations on the release of, “All In.” We love the visuals that accompany this song! What inspired the overall concept of the lyrical component in this masterpiece?

What inspired the overall concept was the overall aspect of everyone being All In. We want to inspire others through our music letting them know it’s peaceful, positive, and productive to everyone's daily life.

In this music video, you’re both seen in a studio as you’re in the vocal booth, and touring the halls. Does the studio have a significant meaning to both of you?

Yes, this is a studio that holds significant meaning simply because of who has worked in it. The owner of the studio is no other than Big Boi, a well-known classic star until the day. BloodBruddas aspire to be the next biggest group since then and are looking to grow more.

What was it like filming the music video for “All In?" Did your vision come to life the exact way that you envisioned?

Yes. My vision can exactly how envisioned. We wanted to create a song in the place where many legends work and show our experience.

As artists, your message is extremely important to the fan base that you look to cater to. What is the main message that you send out to yours?

Our main message is that we provide positivity to all. We want to inspire the culture, uplift people with our music.

What was your favorite part about creating this project?

Our favorite part about creating this was being able to make a hit song in the right place. It felt destined like it was supposed to happen.



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