UnLearn The World, Brings a Contemporary Edge to '90s Hip-Hop

With love for the golden age of Hip-Hop, Unlearn The World adds his contemporary spin on the classic old-school Hip-Hop style. He is known for his massive beat production and throwback soundscapes that resemble the sounds we might hear from the greats, including The Notorious B.I.G. and Biggie. Unlearn The World has been described as a Nas meets Busta Rhymes meets KRS One. Although he is known for his hard-hitting and aggressive delivery style, he compliments this edge with introspective and clever lyricism. His thoughtful lyrics are the result of his freestyle songwriting process.

Unlearn The World first produces the beat he’d like to work with and then begins to layer melodies to the rhythm. With his LED lights in his studio, he allows his contemporary vibe to flow as he pieces together lyrics from his freestyles of the moment. The best types of rappers to listen to are the ones who can throw down a verse without any preparation – it comes from within – and that’s what fans can expect from Unlearn The World.

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