Unleash Your Inner Rocker With Orange Animal’s “Battleship”

Orange Animal, the Ohio-based three-some who create, 'rock and roll made for CD's,' has kicked off 2022 with a bang as they introduce their latest single, "Battleship."

Comprised of John Ramsey (guitar & vocals), Bill Derivan (bass), and Adam Thurman (drums), Orange Animal has been together since 2017 and has managed to gain fans from all walks of life with its catchy hooks and clever lyrics.

Never straying from the formula that has garnered them the attention they deserve, "Battleship" instills an electric sense of life into the lot of us all while delivering a timeless piece of melodic energy. Recorded by John Ramsey and mixed and mastered by Jason Reminger, we hear how Orange Animal plays into classic rock n roll roots, and we can't help but shake the immediate submersion in a pool of nostalgia.

Orange Animal structures its songs in a way that brings in a flood of memories while producing a quality record that holds up in today's wave of technology. "Battleship" will have you fixated on the mesmerizing hold it has on you while you tap your fingers and toes to the beat.

With smoldering vocals that echo in a reverberation chamber of excellence, you get everything from shredding guitar solos, hypnotic percussion that grooves impeccably with the bass, and of course, the type of unison that shows Orange Animal working like a well-oiled musical machine.

As Orange Animal diligently works to finish up their forthcoming album, 'Donut Shopping,' we suggest that you take in this dose of reminiscent tunes as you revisit the edgy amplification of "Battleship."

Congratulations on the release of "Battleship." We love how you tap into the core of rock n roll with this record. What was the exact moment or story that inspired the creation of this song? ​

"Battleship" came into existence from three things: My Les Paul, my wah, and my Friedman amp. It was a simple set of ingredients but it all just felt right.

What meaning does "Battleship" hold to you? What are you hoping your audience takes away from the release? ​

"Battleship" is a rock and roll song pure and simple. So far, we've played it out about five times, and every time it gets the response that echos how I felt when writing it- just raw music. Nothing fancy. It tells the story of two mad lovers constantly going in and out of a beautiful disfunction. I originally called it "A Thousand Times, A Thousand Miles" but changed the title when we were trying to put it together as a band. We were calling out the notes and measure changes, and it ended up sounding like we were playing a game of battleship. So for fun, we stayed with the name.

What does your audience have in store with your forthcoming album, 'Donut Shopping?' Could you please share some concepts or sounds that we can anticipate?

​The title, 'Donut Shopping,' came from my then three-year-old son. His joy and excitement about "shopping" for donuts one morning just captured how I was feeling about music and being cooped up for such a long time. I was writing an eclectic mixture of songs for a party of one. So with this album, you will find varying styles and compositions. But they all came from the same place and time.

In your own words, what does creating mean to you as a band? ​

Creating music is an unmistakable friendship. It has its laughs and jabs but also has these magic moments that are so rare and special.

What's next for you? ​

The release of 'Donut Shopping' is likely in May and hopefully more shows in cities around the country. There is really nothing that compares to finding and meeting people with whom you get to share your music.