Uno Reminds Us of His Greatness on Latest Hit "All Off Trappin'"

The latest track dropping off the Columbus rapper performing as, Exit4 Uno—or Uno for short— is an overdue refresher for his brand of ominous-sounding intense rap. "All Off Trappin'" in its purest form is stimulating and provocative. The beat simmers over riffling triplet assemblages over the hi-hat, and swallowing sub-bass below, before the area around Uno's proficient flow is enriched with haunting, scintillating details: scattering pianos, brushed saturation throughout, and the subtle drone of pads in the background. It's both tangible in its affluence inspired lyrics and suggestively intriguing tone—like a canine who has the bark and the bite to support it.

Uno's performance is unwavering and raw over this fervent production—as if he just burst into the studio, late-night, ready to light-up the digital domain with his lyrical vocation. "Superior dripping the latest fashion, I might have it all, not just a fraction," he intones as the song erupts in the first half, divulging the formula responsible for his inflated capital: "I leveled up to a different bracket, and I made it all off of trapping." Throughout the steadfast rhythmic flex of the verses, Uno describes growing up with nothing, and the doctrines that helped adjust his fortune: "I started with nothing my dress shirt missing buttons" or "got tired of the struggling, got all of my shit and said, fuck it." It's an austere number that provides a short and sweet reckoning—with themes of being flat-broke, the lucrative hustle of trapping, and the individuality in his growth coming up. There is no road more accessible and compelling than Uno's—acting like an absolute path into the "favorites" playlists of 2020.

This song had some eye-opening descriptors of your past life throughout. If you were to describe your writing experience for this track in a few emotions, which would you pick and why?  

Accomplished, gratefulconfident. Just to name a few. The life I was living at the time I wrote this song, I was able to provide and give my children more than I had growing up. So when I was writing the song I was reflecting how far I came. You know, from “nothing to having”. 

When it comes to where you grew up, do you believe Columbus played an active role in the evolution of your flow and style? 

In its own way, I would say so. There are a lot of other great artists coming from Columbus. There is always a need to find your own lane and style and perfect it. I started off just freestyling in the neighborhood and never gave up.

Do you feel like you have an all-encompassing message you try and incorporate into the music you release? Maybe there is a mantra you adhere to when tapping into your artistry?

I just try to be as relatable as possible. I feel like my struggles are my struggles but their not unique. there are plenty of people who came from the bottom and did what they had to do to come up from it, those are the people I speak to. My message is “where you start isn’t more important than where you end up”.

What has had the most significant influence on your life musically thus far, and can we expect to see this influence in your upcoming music in August? 

Life itself. Every day is a new page being written. I’m just trying to capture each moment and put it all in the music. From baby mama issues to moving and losing friends. It’s a lot to look forward to. You’ll just have to wait for it.

What's next for you? 

I got a new single I’m releasing in August called “Who It Is”. I have a few feature tracks dropping. I’m gearing up to drop this EP in September and a lot more visuals. My team and I are just getting started. It’s about to get crazy.