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Untdld Opens The Doors With, "Key To My Future"

Creating music with his personality and life experiences, the Philidelphia-based hip-hop artist and rapper Untdld counts his blessings with a powerful single, "Key To My Future."

Striving to create his own lane in a society that labels anything good or bad, Untdld (pronounced untitled) aims to make his way through the industry without molding himself to titles or negative labels, which is where the name Untdld originates.

Through his latest single, "Key To My Future," listeners are let into Untdld's lyrical world through his in-depth bars and rhythmic delivery. While the sonics offer a sweet ambiance that floats with synths and keys abound, the low end keeps our speakers engaged through the punchy kicks and tight snares.

Opening "Key To My Future" are shimmering keys and tight drum breaks, accompanied by pulsating synths that drift in the background. Once Untdld begins rapping his goals and putting in the effort to achieve them, he brings us into transcendence through his rhythmic and passionate delivery.

Alongside Untdld's alluring performance are the soothing and atmospheric sonics that melt through our speakers with warmth, emphasizing Untdld's lyrical message of pushing his limits to reach his goals. We highly appreciate the meaningful lyricism and bars that Untdld delivers within this track, as they're bound to leave anyone inspired to keep moving.

Plunge into the fresh sounds of Untdld and his latest empowering single, "Key To My Future," and discover the rest of his discography on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzzmusic Untdld, let us start off by saying, we love the passion you've delivered within your bars for your single, "Key to My Future." What inspired you to write a song that pays tribute to your path to success?

2020 inspired this song honestly. It was such a hard year and I wanted to come out in 2021 with some inspiration. After I and my wife set goals at the beginning of 2021, I wanted to declare that this year will be different than last year.

How did you write your bars within "Key to My Future" to tell your story while also inspiring listeners to reach their goals?

The lyrics came from experiences in 2020. I start the song off by saying “It's my time (no cap)

I'm winning and living my life (yeah)/I had to change up my pace/took time to wait/I knew that God was trying to build up my faith”. I believe the pandemic allowed a lot of us to slow down and take assessments of our lives, relationships, etc. For me I had time to assess my marriage, my relationship with God, and how much faith I really had in him. Also speaking from past experiences that had held me back and reminding myself not to let those things resurface. I always share my experiences in my music to help someone that might be in the same scenario I was once in.

Regarding the sonics for "Key to My Future," was the beat pre-made? Or did you work with any producers to navigate the song's lush ambiance?

I actually made this beat myself. Funny thing is that this is only the second beat I’ve produced.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

I do and it would have to be: “My life full of color I'm working with art

Painting what I want like the sky full of stars…”

Could you inform our listeners on what they should expect when listening to your music? What are some common themes you touch on?

When you hear my music, you will definitely hear my faith in God and how he brought me out of some dark places, and you will also hear tracks that just express the season of life I am. The common theme is living life through a Christian worldview.



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