Young Cisto Sends an Important Message to His Listeners in “Sky Red”

Young Cisto is an artist known for his energetic performances and his conscious lyrics that he places on his instrumentals. This was a highly noticeable characteristic in the release of his new single “Sky Red”. Young Cisto reminds us of artists like Young Thug and Future. Both of these artists know how to cultivate trendy melodies with an intricate lyricism that’s as substantial as it is quotable.

“Sky Red” has highly captivating lyrics. An element that we truly appreciated was the visual Young Cisto released. In this visual Young Cisto showcased a more in-depth meaning to the song. In this riveting visual there was an excerpt from a news scene that describes the blazing red skies that resulted from a bushfire. This complemented the lyricism in “Sky Red” very well creating a nice detailed story. "Sky Red" has already gained great traction in the Oslo rap scene with over 50,000 streams. This song has the potential to reach a wider audience with its magnetic appeal. After listening to “Sky Red” we became invested in what’s next from Young Cisto. He’s currently working on his debut LP 'Heroes vs Villains' which is set to release in September 2020.

Listen to “Sky Red” by Young Cisto, here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Young Cisto! In what ways has your upbringing in Italy influenced your style of music in any way? 

My upbringing in Italy has made me more known & accustomed to different genres, from Italian rap (Fabri Fibra) to pop-rock (Eros Ramazzoti). I have been influenced by Gospel & Reggae to Opera. Italian music scene it's very diverse and there is alot of subgenres in the mix.

Let’s talk about your song “Sky Red”. What were your intentions with this single? Can you describe to us what motivated you to create this song?

My intention with this single was to make people aware of all the global changes that have been happening recently, from celebrity deaths & pandemics. I am urging people to live their best life and really chase that dream. Especially now that people are "quarantine" its a time we can all use to find ourselves and chase our passions.

The lyrics were stylistic but seemed to have a deeper meaning behind it. What was the message you were hoping to convey in “Sky Red”?

Sky Red is a song where I talk about the necessity of chasing your dreams before it gets too late. Not only chasing your vision but living it and embodying the right steps to make it to reality. SKY RED would be definitely a soundtrack in an apocalyptic situation: where time is short, and we have to confront our deepest fears & desires.  It's when survival meets a call of action.

We hear you have an upcoming LP coming this year! Can you hint to us what we can expect from this project?

The LP "Heroes vs Villains" would be a musical description of our inner psyche, conscience, shadow. We all have this "angel" & "devil" on our shoulders, one urges us to be a better version of ourselves and really express ourselves and really love ourselves while the latter pushes us to procrastinate & take the path of least resistance and be more .fearful. I hope that my upcoming w tape will make people less judgemental but more understanding & at the same time encourage them to be a better version of themselves. I have really introspective songs on the tape as well as feel-good turn-up songs.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

A lot of more visuals/videos and new songs coming this year(2020). I have filmed one video in China (Chengdu) and one in Ghana (Accra) which I can't wait to share with you guys.