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Up And Coming Artist Sarah Avalia Releases Newest Single “Used To Be”

Sarah Avalia is a gifted pop singer/songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. Growing up heavily involved in performing arts, Sarah developed her passion for music at an early age. Now releasing her own music, Sarah had a huge launch into the music industry in 2016 with much success. Her debut EP featured her first single “Soar” and had almost 50k streams! After the release of her debut EP, Sarah had the opportunity to begin performing live shows. Since 2016 Sarah has been performing live across Perth at events including the Hyde Park Fair, the Wanneroo Show and the Kalamunda Show. With many more singles and notable performances, Sarah Avalia is a star on the rise.

Freshly released, “Used To Be” is a light pop tune with layers of acoustics and catchy backbeats. Fused with the colorful sound arrangements of Sarah Avalia’s spectacular voice, the tone and range in her original vocals is hypnotizing. The lyricism and emotion behind her words is captivating throughout the single and I’d love to know the inspiration behind this track. The upbeat drops of the song include mind-blowing acoustic riffs to keep you head bobbing throughout. Emotionally-rich and hard hitting,“Used To Be” is a huge leap in the right direction for this up and coming alternative pop diva, Sarah Avalia. I highly recommend keeping up with this brilliant artist to see where her creative flare takes her next!

Listen to “Used To Be” here and read more in our interview below!

Hi Sarah! Can you tell us more about yourself and what inspires you to write music?

I am from Perth Australia and have been writing and releasing music for the last 3 years. Since the release of my first EP back in 2016 I have been performing around my home town and collaborating with other artist's while working on my own music. I get inspired by many things whether its just every day life or from listening to other artist's music gets the creativity flowing. What really inspired me to become a singer was artist like Beyonce, Pink and Katy Perry I used to watch all their concert videos throughout my teenage years and just got so inspired from their music, their shows and their overall dedication and passion which really made me want to start writing my own music.

Can you describe your stage presence and live performance?

I love to use the whole stage and connect with the audience. Usually my performance goes from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour where I perform a combination of upbeat songs and ballads.

“Used To Be” is a great song! Can you tell us the meaning behind it?

Thanks! It's about a relationship that has gone rocky and is starting to fall apart and you're left wondering if this is how its going to be from now on or can you go back to that good place and how it used to be.

What challenges did you face when writing this single and how did you overcome them?

Well originally this song was completely different, I had different lyrics and melody up until I received the music for the song which is when I decided that I didn't actually like what I originally had and felt that it needed to be different. The music itself actually inspired me and with this I started writing the melody and lyrics that suited the song a lot better. With the changes I'd have to say that the biggest challenge was the verses because the new chorus came so natural and then I had to try and re work the verses from what I originally had that would work better with the new chorus. To overcome these, I just let the music guide me and eventually the story started to unfold.

What makes you so passionate about music and how do you continue to feed that passion?

Just the feeling that I get from performing or even singing in general keeps the passion alive and also just watching other artist perform.


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