Up And Coming R&B Diva Trynket Releases “Picture (In My Brain)”

Hailing from the islands of Cebu, Philippines, Trynket is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and musician who is defining urban pop in her own original way. Trynket first began writing and composing songs at a very young age, soon after taking piano lessons at the age of five. Currently based in Los Angeles, Trynket has been self-releasing her own tracks and YouTube music videos since 2015, crossing genres and building a cult following over the years as her earlier synth-pop sound has evolved into the powerfully evocative pop-R&B force it is today.

The depth of emotion in “Picture (In My Brain)” is immediately evident and resonant, a quality that has always stood out in Trynket’s music and lyrics. Trynket allows her music to tell the story of real-life events and experiences and this single is no exception. Smooth vibes and genre-fusion pour through as “Picture (In My Brain) comes through the speakers. A pristine and professional soundscape creates a trip-hop-like ambiance, a peaceful moment of escapism, and a likable and calming groove. Alongside this we hear Trynket’s captivating vocal melody moving through the layers, offering personal insight and contemporary references that often feel well-rooted in modern hip hop. Trynket possesses the admirable quality of forming genuine connections through music, there is a certain honesty and realness to the gentle presentation and the unwavering, free-flowing lyricism. We love “Picture (In My Brain) and can’t wait to hear more from Trynket.

Listen to “Picture (In My Brain)” here and scroll down for our exclusive interview.

Hey Trynket! How long have you been making original music?

Hi, Buzz Music! I started writing my own songs when I learned how to make my own chord progressions on the piano - about a year after I started taking piano lessons when I was five. The first song I ever wrote was about champagne, and I'll never forget it cause it was so bad lol. The first line of the song was literally "Tiny bubbles in my wine..." and I didn't even have any clue what the heck champagne was or how it tasted. But I guess we all gotta start somewhere haha.

In what ways would you say your sound or style has evolved over time?

I've definitely come a long way since "champagne song" days, but I would say my sound's evolved a lot in just these past 2-3 years from the synth pop sound I began with originally (back when I released my first EP in 2015) to the more urban pop sound my new material is now. When I first started my solo project in 2015, I had just parted ways with a synth pop band that I performed with for years so I was still on this heavy synth pop kick, but I started to miss the soul and R&B vibes I grew up listening to so I think it was only natural and inevitable that I eventually gravitated back to my pop-R&B roots more.

What does the song “Picture (In My Brain)” represent for you, and what do you hope people take away from it?

I started writing "Picture (In My Brain)" when I was reflecting on all the big lessons I learned after a really painful breakup and realizing that adulthood was nothing like what I had dreamed or expected it to be growing up. I think every young adult kind of goes through this type of thinking process after they make their first big mistakes in life. It's always such a shock to the system at first, but what healed and saved me during this dark time in my life was music. It's what kept me sane amidst the chaos and everything that was falling apart around me and is pretty much the only way I've been able to make sense out of anything in this life. This is why, for me, music is a really spiritual thing and a blessing that I'll always be grateful for. The last section of my song "Picture (In My Brain)" is basically one big celebration about music and how powerfully life-changing it is. So if there's one thing I'd like for people to take away from this song - it would be how our passions and callings in life can be the necessary strength we need to help ourselves rise out of our most painful experiences.

Who do you admire or look to for inspiration?

I would say my biggest influences are Aaliyah, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles. I know they're all from different genres, but I love every single one of their vibes. I never get tired of their songs and creativity.

How has 2019 been so far for you? What’s next?

2019 has been so exciting!! I'm so happy with how my new single and music video release "Picture (In My Brain)" turned out, and it's also the first music video I've ever directed and choreographed. I'm about to shoot another music video for the next single release and am preparing for more upcoming live shows scheduled for later this year and next year. Prior to this summer's release, I was on show hiatus for about two years to focus on recording the new material, but now I'm just itchin' and ready to get back on stage again!!


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