Up And Coming R&B Diva Trynket Releases “Picture (In My Brain)”

Hailing from the islands of Cebu, Philippines, Trynket is a singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and musician who is defining urban pop in her own original way. Trynket first began writing and composing songs at a very young age, soon after taking piano lessons at the age of five. Currently based in Los Angeles, Trynket has been self-releasing her own tracks and YouTube music videos since 2015, crossing genres and building a cult following over the years as her earlier synth-pop sound has evolved into the powerfully evocative pop-R&B force it is today.

The depth of emotion in “Picture (In My Brain)” is immediately evident and resonant, a quality that has always stood out in Trynket’s music and lyrics. Trynket allows her music to tell the story of real-life events and experiences and this single is no exception. Smooth vibes and genre-fusion pour through as “Picture (In My Brain) comes through the speakers. A pristine and professional soundscape creates a trip-hop-like ambiance, a peaceful moment of escapism, and a likable and calming groove. Alongside this we hear Trynket’s captivating vocal melody moving through the layers, offering personal insight and contemporary references that often feel well-rooted in modern hip hop. Trynket possesses the admirable quality of forming genuine connections through music, there is a certain honesty and realness to the gentle presentation and the unwavering, free-flowing lyricism. We love “Picture (In My Brain) and can’t wait to hear more from Trynket.

Listen to “Picture (In My Brain)” here and scroll down for our exclusive interview.