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Up the Bar with Sacha's Music Video, "Standards"

Hailing from Oshawa, Ontario, the Country artist and Singer-Songwriter Sacha raises the bar with her playful and inspirational music video, "Standards."

In 2016, Sacha was crowned the winner of Havelock Jamboree's "The Next Country Music Star" while performing alongside Brett Kissel, Jess Moskaluke, and more. Releasing her forthcoming EP 'The Best Thing' on July 24th, Sacha mentioned that the project offers something everyone can relate to, whether it be escaping from love's difficulties to raising a glass to the good old days.

Shot by Director Travis Didluck and produced by Ben Knechtel, the music video for "Standards" takes viewers through incredibly playful scenes of speed dating to find Sacha's perfect match. While delivering her refreshing country instrumentals, powerful vocals, and charismatic performance, we're able to understand why Sacha's "Standards" are so high.

Opening the music video for "Standards" is Sacha pondering over a bulletin board with photos of three potential 'candidates.' While also transitioning between scenes of a contemplative Sacha to her spirited performance, the video grabs our attention and keeps us locked in for the outcome.

Going from date to date, Sacha puts the three boys to the ultimate test, whether or not her sweet pup Trooper would warm up to them. To Trooper's dismay, Sacha is left crossing off each face on her bulletin board and continuing her fiercely independent journey until Mr. Right comes along.

Find Sacha's music video for "Standards" on YouTube, and let the refreshing country artist remind you not to lessen your expectations for anyone.

We applaud the idea and concept of your latest music video for "Standards." How did the video's concept and scenes come about?

The message of this video is about holding to your standards when it comes to relationships. You’ll need more than a fancy car and credit cards to impress this chick. From speed dates to checklists, and even a puppy test where my dog Trooper is the defining factor of whether or not these guys are going to make the cut or not. Travis who directed the music video had come up with the concepts which are pretty much right on track with what I had originally imagined for this shoot.

What was it like preparing for the shoot for your music video, "Standards?” Did it take a while to cast everyone and find the suitable directors/producers?

Preparation for this music video shoot was a breeze, to be honest! Unlike my music video for “Cheers”, there were very minimal people on set and involved in this shoot. I’ve worked with Travis and Ben before so I knew I was in good hands. We had three male models who ended up making the cut out of a few agencies. Prior to selection, the candidates go through a screen test where I am then notified of the results and left to confirm the selection. My 4-pound Yorkie Trooper is also in the music video. No screening test required, one look at him and you know he’s a star!

What was it like working with Director Travis Didluck and Producer Ben Knechtel during the shoot for "Standards?" How did they make the process easier for you?

It’s always fun working with Travis and Ben. They’ve always managed to execute my vision and the process quite sufficiently. Always a good laugh in between takes thanks to Ben because he’s just hilarious! Travis always keeps me in the zone performance-wise and is always so encouraging throughout each take. They definitely make the process a no-brainer for me. Everything from start to finish is already mapped and timed out. From the makeup seat to the first scene, lunch breaks, and last takes, all I have to do is show up and turn up when they call to action!

Should we expect to hear the single "Standards" on your forthcoming EP 'The Best Thing' on July 24th? Or does the EP travel a different route than the single?

"Standards" is on my current EP 'The Best Thing' which was released July 24th of last year. It is the song that really took off on digital platforms, landed me my first top 40 on radio, and top 50 on the Billboard Canadian Country charts!

What can we expect to see next?

I love making music videos that will require new music! That being said I suppose you can expect to hear some new tunes from me in the near future!


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