Upcoming Hip Hop Artist Hawk Shadow Showcases Dominance In New Song “Slugger”

Hawk Shadow is a talented rapper and lyricist hailing for New Jersey. Growing up, the 28-year-old artist always loved street art and underground hip-hop. After realizing his true passion for making music, Hawk Shadow set off to find a beat to match his sound. After many years he was able to put together enough material to drop to albums. He writes about life experiences, both positive and negative, and strives to add a fictional tone. The main themes of Hawk’s tracks are peace and positivity.

Slugger” is not only a great track that’s produced to the highest quality, but it leads with a smooth and easily memorable hook. Anthem-like as a whole, “Slugger” i is also a bold and striking introduction to Hawk Shadow if you haven’t heard his work before. Despite the multilayered soundscape and the hard-hitting bars, no moment is wasted. “Slugger” can be described as nothing other than being on point, on the level, and impressively crafted. As far as contemporary hip hop goes, this release manages to effectively walk the line between the classic and the new. An easy stand out for 2019, and a track we should rightfully expect to hear across the airwaves for the foreseeable future.

Check out “Slugger” here and read more with Hawk Shadow below!

Hey Hawk Shadow! Welcome to BuzzMusic. We were vibing with your track “Slugger”! What does this song represent for you?

This song represents the type of character I try to craft out of my hip hop writing. A tougher character that just wants "sweet beats" to rhyme to. A representation of the confidence that I feel with my music. 

What has been one of your most memorable or life-changing achievements as an artist so far?

My most memorable achievement as an artist came from a fun experience. I took third place in a college talent show with a few friends, in a band that we had formed that day. We practiced for a half hour before the show and then went on to perform. They played guitar, drums, and bass while I freestyled to the beat they were playing. It felt good to be complimented by the judges for my freestyling abilities, and to be in sync with a new formed group. 

What are your thoughts on mainstream hip hop at present, and your hopes for the genre going forward?

I tend to avoid the mainstream hip hop scene and focus more on underground rappers and beat makers. I find it to be repetitive. I have stuck to mainly instrumentals for the past few years, for listening and writing purposes; but any time an old school legend puts out a song I will definitely listen to it.I believe that the legends have it right, there's always a rhyme thrown in that makes me laugh because it is so amazing. I hope that hip hop continues to have that jaw dropping effect in terms of lyricism, and that there will always still be a sense of community.

How important is it to tell your own unique and honest story in hip hop?

I think it is really important because it offers listeners, whether friend, family, or stranger, a chance to see who you truly are as a person. And by sharing our personal experiences, an opportunity is made; to relate with someone, to create a smile, make someone laugh, inspire, and even teach. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in the music industry?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to find your home base studio. Once you have a studio that you are comfortable with, where you can be 100% yourself at... That's when the fun begins!

Thanks for everything. This was fun.


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