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Uplifting Tenors Shape MEAGAN's Latest Hit

MEAGAN is a singer, songwriter and creative director, hailing from Portland, OR with roots in Oakland, CA.

Her music is inspired by the soul and R&B from her Oakland upbringing, mixed with her heartfelt lyrics and indie-pop sensibilities. While music has always played a role in her life, Meagan followed art and design as her main mediums for expression and building her career.

MEAGAN further expresses her messaging through art and design around each musical release, creating a visual world in which each song lives. Through her music, she shares her journey of self-love and the fear of going after what you really want in her vulnerable lyrics.

Expressing a deep sense of poignant passion in her latest single “Troubled,” MEAGAN depicts a life-like reality in the intricacy her lyrics embrace. The striking piano forward ballad leads MEAGAN into a triumphant soundscape of freedom and intimacy that touches on the idea of already being enough and using what’s inside of our very being to flourish.

Bringing an emotional connection to the ears of her fan base, you can’t help but appreciate the brilliant execution of MEAGAN’s angelic timbres as she delves into an offering that comes straight from a place of good intent.

Creating a colossal environment for MEAGAN’s vocalization to gently cascade upon, the musical components have us embracing the inviting buoyancy that is released through an array of animated musicality. Combining the fortified foundation of these attributes, the quality simmering in the production leaves us floored as hues of victory are fluently portrayed in “Troubled.”

Being MEAGAN’s fourth single release as a solo artist, the uplifting quintessence of her artistry is very well grasped. Utilizing the intoxicating melodies and her effervescent charisma, be prepared to have “Troubled” make you feel like you’re the silver lining to any clouds that try to dim your shine.

We love your latest release of “Troubled.” Could you please share the inspiration that has been embedded into the lyrical concept of this song?

“Troubled" is a representation of my inner dialogue and the ups and downs of being a sensitive soul. This song came to me last April in 2020 when we were all in lock-down from Covid, and life felt like it was at a standstill. I took a weekend trip out in Eastern Oregon and rode my bike into a beautiful meadow and I felt a release of all the fear around losing control of my life. I realized that I had been underwater in my emotions and felt really isolated in this pandemic. “Troubled” became an internal soundtrack for me as I navigated this very uncertain time. I knew I needed to share it with others so that they could feel less alone in their own struggles. The lyrics use metaphors from nature to illustrate the emotional ups and downs I was going through, but each line also depicts how I find solace, self-love, and peace. Now a year later, I can't imagine this song coming out at a better time. As we leave behind one of the darkest winters and emerge into a hopeful spring, my hope is that this song will allow people to recognize all they've gotten through in the last year and to know you can't have the highs without the lows.

What was it like working with a full band to enhance the vision you saw for this single?

This song was masterfully produced by Troy Welstad and he brought in all the session musicians to help fill out the song. Because we recorded during Covid all of these musicians recorded remotely, so unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to be in the room with them. Regardless, it was an amazing process to build in the layers of the real instruments. We started with Troy laying in keys, Hammond B organ, electronic beats, and some stellar production effects. Once we had that solid foundation, we brought in live drummer, bassist, guitar, and some super fun and eclectic percussion elements. We just kept adding things in until it felt like the right blend. I can't wait to play this live with a full band!

Locked into the meaning of “Troubled” what does this song say about you as an artist and individual? What are you hoping it says to your audience?

Well, I think I’m just saying what most people are too afraid to say out in public. I think as humans we are all going through a lot emotionally. You can put labels on it like “Troubled”, but these struggles are universal. As an artist, mental health and vulnerability are core tenets of my messaging and purpose. My hope is that by revealing my struggles, I will help others feel less alone in theirs.

With many accomplishments in the industry, what has been the biggest highlight for you on your artistic journey?

For me, the most meaningful accomplishments are when people reach out to me and tell me that my music has helped them in some way. I can help just one person heal in some way, that is the ultimate accomplishment! I’ll also add that I was pleasantly surprised to find that my fans are not just following me for the music, but for my journey of self-love and going after my passion for music. Realizing that being honest about what I’m going through and sharing it with the world is ENOUGH...that was a major ah-ha moment for me. We are ALL already enough!

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

“Troubled” is the catalyst for an EP I’m working on that will continue to explore my journey of self-love, healing old wounds, and showing up for myself. The EP is currently scheduled to be released in the early Fall of 2021!!!! Until then I’ll be teasing in snippets, making videos, and creating fun merch.



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