UraelB Isn’t Letting Fakes Slide By Anymore In Latest Track “Fall Back”

UraelB (You-Rell) was born and raised in Inglewood, Ca. The 20 year old rapper and lyricist has been writing poetry and establishing his craft since he was 13. UraelB started recording music in 2015 and has been professionally releasing music for 2 years now. Over the years he’s grown immensely and always strive to be as lyrically skilled as possible. An aspiring wordsmith, UraelB’s endgame is to provide knowledge to his listeners and create massive change for people all around me, in one of the dopest ways humanly possible. UraelB started an independent music collective called Respect The Real LLC. (RTR) in 2018 and added in friends in college who produce/mix/master/rap/sing.

The hard-hitting track “Fall Back” that we’re bumping on repeat! UraelB’s infectious vocals and smooth delivery draw in the listener and demands to be heard. He weaves through storytelling elements of his come up in the rap game. He describes unloyal people that are in and out of his life while he’s on his grind. These people are not supportive and he’s always falling back from them. His ability to stay versatile is admirable, whether he’s singing the catchy hook or spitting poetry he does it flawlessly. No stranger to success, UraelB knows how to curate music that all listeners can vibe to. The trials and tribulations he’s faced in his lifetime have only made him a veteran rapper at a young age and he’s definitely the one to watch.

Check out “Fall Back” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Let’s talk about your dope new single “Fall Back”. What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

This is an anthem you dedicate to all doubters, haters, and the wishy washy people you come across. This song is about grinding no matter who supporting; Those who are, show them mad love. Those who aren't, that'll change real fast. You can't get mad, upset, or cry about people who don't wanna be down with you. You just got to "Fall Back," simple as that.

How do your musical influences inspire your sound?

I get inspirations from people like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar who have a way of spreading messages that people can relate to and use for life in an attention grabbing and catchy way. The goal for me when making a song is to always have fun and drop knowledge; Thats the best combination.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

Anybody listening should be able to takeaway that you and only you can be the biggest contributor to your success. Believe in yourself before expecting or wanting other people to believe in you.

How has your sound developed and changed over the many years you’ve been working at it?

I've been able to evolve a great deal because I started taking influences from multiple artists across different genres. Melodically, I love listening to artist like Childish Gambino, Chromeo, Erykah Badu & Earthgang because they all have unique vocal inflections and cadence choices. For lyrics, rappers such as Ab-Soul, CyHi The Prynce, Lil Wayne and J.I.D. stimulate my creativity and wordplay so I can find variations of saying bars in ways that most people wouldn't expect or they find impressive.

Do you have any upcoming shows or events you’d like to talk about?

No upcoming shows at the moment. Just be on the lookout for the music video for Fall Back with my guy Sambo to drop real son, and two more dope songs and projects coming out. Shout out to my Respect The Real (RTR) family and the VHS/Get Rich Team!


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