UraelB Ties Familiar Rap Elements With a Fast-Paced Execution in "Effected"

Hailing from Inglewood, CA, rap artist UraelB brings a different kind of flow to his music. Artistically, UraelB impresses us with how articulate he can get. His production never fails, and he provides lyrics with meaning. It's really the most pivotal features you need in a rap artist, and UraelB excels at them. We're insanely into the underground, authentic approach UraelB has. The most aspiring element to his music is the passion you can feel emulate from UraelB's persona. Looking at his recent music, UraelB keeps the vibe balanced and chill, especially so with "Effected"

There's an old-school aspect to UraelB's "Effected" that we really seek out and appreciate. The vibe throughout the entire track gets sincerely elemental. The underlying beat is kept consistent during "Effected", but the repetition is what actually makes the track stand out. It's more of a low-key, stimulating experience. UraelB integrates his vocalism in an efficient and fast-paced way, which makes the execution so much more satisfying. One thing we can't miss out on highlighting is UraelB's immaculate flow. It's seriously effortless. It makes his style unique and confident. "Effected" is elevated rap, bringing contemporary with old school, which makes this the type of track you don't want to miss out on. 

Discover the sound of UraelB in "Effected" here


Welcome to BuzzMusic UraelB! Congratulations on the release of "Effected"! How long did it take to write and record this track? 

It took me about a month to write and get the record reproduced by my homie Oliver 

(aka Triaddix). I recorded it over the summer of 2019 with my guy Darsh (aka darshmadebeats) at his crib and since then we had just been working on getting the master right for it. 

How do you typically go through your curation process? Where does the majority of your vision stem from in order to create tracks like "Effected"?

I typically take my time and don't force releases or concepts to songs, which is why I seem to not drop music as much as the average independent artist. I gotta shout out Cozz of Dreamville for the dope song and production on it. I got inspiration to remix his song and the storyline in it cause I related to it heavy. Us both being from LA and all that comes with growing up there, It's not hard to tell dope stories on a track or spit a message people can feel. Lastly, R.I.P. Nip Hussle who had just passed write before I wrote this and who's murder inspired my verses too. 

What was the intended takeaway message for listeners from "Effected"?

My whole point of "Effected" took Cozz's main messages of watch people around you to cause its a lot of fake sh*t out here and present that in a different and updated way. You got the Tupac murder being a conspiracy involving some LA gang members, Biggie's murder involving the LAPD, and then Nipsey Hussle death being a conspiracy combining both, it was just a lot of fishy shit that I peeped going on. So I had to put it on record and remind people don't just believe what you were told cause everything ain't what it seems.

We've heard about the opening of your record label! How do you find balancing your own productions with being involved in the label?

I have a great team and just overall collective of other artists, producers, and creatives who all are driven to achieve success. So everyone pretty much holds their own. We always bounce ideas off one another and push each other to create and promote our stuff in the best ways we know so I'm never alone in making sure my stuff runs smooth and everyone else's stuff runs smooth. We're the emerging TDE/Dreamville of our generation but coming bigger and better! 

Where is the direction of your artistry heading from here? Are you planning on creating more tracks?

This track "Effected" is a precursor to vibes and messages I'm Introducing on my next to projects for 2020: DemiGod, & Respect The Real Vol. 2. I have that two for sure in the works and on the way, plus a lot of joint albums and features I'm doing for other RTR members Like CB5, Isaiah Bowers, and KnowOfUS. We got a tour coming spring 2020 so definitely be on the lookout for not just my stuff but theirs too.