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Use Your Voice and "SAY SOMETHING"

JAMES NOBLE is an African-Canadian rapper and producer with an undeniably compelling sound. He takes the listener on his life journey with percussive beats, gripping melodies, and thought-provoking wordplay.

While NOBLE currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, he embodies the cultural influences of both his Ghanian and North American heritage.

Putting this on display in the vibrancy of his most recent single, "SAY SOMETHING," JAMES NOBLE delivers a ferocious performance that plays upon the organic roots of hip-hop. Being a true emcee, the articulation in his verses allows us to feel every word he prominently states.

With a healthy dose of wit and charisma that resides in "SAY SOMETHING," we're encouraged to tour the familiarity of his life's experiences throughout this sonic masterpiece. Through the magnetism of this soundscape, we drift towards the repetition lying within the beats choir-like sample that has us fully swaying to the buoyancy of this track.

Effervescent with how he weaves through the musical foundation, JAMES NOBEL makes a rather monumental statement that drives the essence of "SAY SOMETHING." With lyrical motifs such as 'Makes me think of Martin, makes me think of Malcolm. Stood against the system, liberation was the outcome,' evoking the certainty and confidence to make us stand up and fight for what's right, the voice that we hear is JAMES NOBLE fighting for a better tomorrow amongst the BIPOC people whose voices have yet to be heard.

Exuding a brilliant display of initiative as he embraces the elevation of his peers, "SAY SOMETHING" is part of the impact that needs to be made worldwide. If JAMES NOBLE can inspire at least one more individual to get up and fight, then he has done his job.

We love the empowering essence that reigns supreme in your latest single, "SAY SOMETHING." With all happening in the world, was there a particular moment that inspired you to take your thoughts and turn them into a song for this piece?

'Say Something' came out of an experience I had at the concert of some iconic Hip-Hop artists. On the one hand, it was great reliving the classics, but on the other hand, some of it was tough to sit through. I live in a Canadian city where there's a low percentage of minorities—especially those of African descent. At the concert there had to be well over 20 thousand people; the majority of whom were white. I watched tens of thousands of mostly white youth hanging on the words of about 10 Black men on stage. I started thinking about the Civil Rights movement and how, in the decades that followed, Black culture had become a global force. So when 6 or 7 strippers took to the stage, I couldn't help but feel like the culture could do better. I felt like those people needed to know that what they were seeing wasn't the only narrative in Hip-Hop. I took that angst into the studio and came out with "SAY SOMETHING" a few weeks later.

How has the feedback on "SAY SOMETHING" been so far? Do you feel that it's receiving the attention you believe it to deserve?

So far, the reviews have been positive about the record. It seems like people are feeling what I'm saying when they hear it. It most definitely hasn't gone viral, but I know it'll have its day. 'Say Something' is different from a lot of what's poppin' right now, so it's almost like it takes people a minute to wrap their heads around it, especially if you're into Trap. Not having the marketing machine of a Major Label is always a challenge too. As I said, though, I believe in the song, so I know it'll get its shine in due time. Just have to keep moving forward.

For those listening and feeling inspired to take action, what words of advice do you have for them?

They say 'Charity (or real love) begins at home. I say start there. You can't bring to the world what you don't have going on in your own life.

How does "SAY SOMETHING" speak into who you are as an artist?

I think it highlights my belief that Hip-Hop - and music in general - can do plenty of good. We're just seeing a lot of the opposite at the moment. What you hear in 'Say Something' is me doing my part to change that.

What's next for you?

I'm working towards the release of my album 'God's Work' due 2022. I'll be launching my clothing line, NOBLE 1979 shortly afterward.

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